Romney’s last minute nightmare: Christie embraces Obama, Bush talks investments in Caymans

Photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Pablo Martinez Monsivais

With a mere five days until Election Day, two of Mitt Romney’s most high-profile supporters aren’t exactly helping his cause.

First, there’s Chris Christie. The Republican governor of New Jersey and Romney surrogate has been making headlines all week after praising President Obama’s handling and response to Hurricane Sandy. On Wednesday he spoke glowingly about their “great working relationship to make sure that we’re doing the jobs that people elected us to do.” He added, “I cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and passion.”

It must have been a painful moment for Romney, who this time last year praised Christie as someone who’s “a real hero in Republican circles because he’s a man who’s been forthright.” That forthrightness is now coming back to bite Romney. Nearly 80% of those polled think Obama’s doing a “good” or “excellent” job handling the Sandy response.

Then there’s former President George W. Bush, who is giving the keynote address at an investment summit in the Cayman Islands today. The only positive for Romney is that Bush’s appearance is off the beaten path of the political news media, rather than front and center like the Obama-Christie friendship tour. To Bush’s credit, he’s never been full-throated in his support for Romney to begin with, having initially endorsed his fellow Republican from an elevator as the doors were closing.

Still, Romney certainly doesn’t need anyone to be reminded about all the millions of dollars he keeps in offshore accounts in the Caymans, especially when Obama has consistently lead in polls asking “who best understands your problems?” and when two-thirds of Americans believe Romney will follow Bush policies.

With more and more state polls breaking for Obama only five days out, the Romney camp needs all the help they can get - particularly from their own team.


Romney's last minute nightmare: Christie embraces Obama, Bush talks investments in Caymans