Rev’s Early Reads: October 27

Nurse under ebola quarantine hires civil rights lawyer to help get her out of her “inhumane” isolation.

NY Gov. Cuomo revises quarantine policies while NJ Gov. Christie defends isolating nurse.

Pres. Obama unveils executive actions to boost manufacturing today.

Georgia GOP senate candidate: “When we look at the direction of this country, we’ve got to make a hard right turn.”

Speaker Boehner claims Russia wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Bush was still president. (Really? See Russia-Georgia, 2008.)

Jeb Bush’s son says his father is “moving forward” with potential 2016 White House run.

CHP chief denounces “degrading” treatment by officers who stole & traded nude photos taken from women’s phones.

Wisconsin police send armored vehicle to collect unpaid property fees from 75-year-old man.

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Rev's Early Reads: October 27