Rev’s Early Reads: November 22, 2013


The change to Senate filibuster rules is a huge boost to President Obama’s second-term agenda.

California reports a positive spike in Obamacare enrollment.

John Boehner (!) signs up for Obamacare.

GOP Gov. Rick Perry compares expanding Medicaid to putting “more people on the Titanic” – while GOP Gov. John Kasich says “it’s going to save lives.”

Ted Cruz may try again to force Obamacare repeal into the next round of budget talks… because why? It worked out so well last time?

FEC says that no, tea party groups aren’t like the NAACP during the Jim Crow era.

Today is the deadline for major New York City retail stores to explain what they’re doing to curb “shop and frisk” incidents.

And the First Lady isn’t the only fashion icon in the Obama family.