Rev’s Early Reads: November 20, 2013


Florida law may force officials to suspend George Zimmerman’s concealed gun permit.

President Obama skewers Republicans who call him a “socialist.”

Surprise! Americans like social security and oppose cuts, according to a new poll.

Right-wingers are still convinced that President Obama “cooked the books” on 2012 job numbers.

Senate Democrats ready plan to go “nuclear” and curb GOP filibusters used to block Obama nominees.

GOP congressman to be arraigned today after being arrested for cocaine possession.

New poll shows more Americans think the tea party has too much influence on the GOP.

NYC police “stop and frisk” numbers plummet.

50 years after JFK’s assassination, remembering his civil rights legacy and the speech on race that changed America forever.

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Rev's Early Reads: November 20, 2013