Rev’s Early Reads: June 9


Pres. Obama will use executive actions today to ease burden of student debt borne by millions.

Officials say the Taliban locked Sgt. Bergdahl in a metal cage in total darkness for weeks at a time during captivity.

The FBI is now investigating apparent threats made against Sgt. Bergdahl’s family.

Sen. Rand Paul’s attempt at a joke: “Let’s set up a new trade. Instead of 5 Taliban, let’s trade 5 Democrats!”

The married couple who killed 3 people in Las Vegas were reportedly white supremacists who called for a “revolution.”

Washington Post: Republicans are giving cushy jobs to a Virginia Democratic lawmaker and his daughter as part of a plan for him to retire and stop Medicaid expansion.

First Lady Michelle Obama gives moving speech at memorial for Maya Angelou. (Video)

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Rev's Early Reads: June 9