Rev’s Early Reads: June 5

U.S. officials say Sgt. Bergdahl video from December showed his ailing health: “He looked shriveled… unhealthy… lethargic.”

GOP lawmaker compares John Kerry to Sgt. Bergdahl: “[Kerry] turned his back on all of his Vietnam brothers and sisters, that’s what Bergdahl did.”

One Fox News host doubles down on claim that Bergdahl’s father “looked like a Muslim”

…while another Fox host pushes idea that “the President smiles” when Bergdahl makes a “Muslim victory call” in the Rose garden.

Why were a Chris McDaniel campaign official and Mississippi Tea Party activist locked inside a courthouse with primary ballots until nearly 4am?

House Democrats fight back against GOP attempts to push “proof of citizenship” voter suppression laws.

Ohio Republicans introduce bill to ban insurance coverage for abortion and some forms of birth control.

Feds block Georgia Republicans from drug-testing food stamp recipients.

Rachel Jeantel’s long journey from the George Zimmerman trial to high school graduation.

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Rev's Early Reads: June 5