Rev’s Early Reads: January 15

Pres. Obama to announce new push for family and sick leave for American workers.

Satellite photos show how Boko Haram “wiped from the map” a town in Nigeria in horrific massacre.

Did one of the Paris attackers have support from a terror cell in Madrid?

New details about the 20-year-old “mama’s boy” charged with planning to bomb the U.S. Capitol.

House conservatives plot new push for right-wing agenda at 3-day GOP retreat.

JPMorgan Chase announces $4.9 billion profit for end of 2014… but CEO still claims “banks are under assault.”

Texas pro-gun group re-enacts Paris magazine massacre with an “armed civilian”.

California woman sues FedEx for denying her payments from her late wife’s pension.

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Rev's Early Reads: January 15