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Rev.’s Early Reads: Aug. 19th, 2015


Donald Trump and Jeb Bush will host rival town hall debates in New Hampshire tonight. Here’s what to expect

Why Donald Trump says the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional.

Hillary Clinton got combative Tuesday as she answered questions about her personal email server.

Will Hillary Clinton’s new ad targeting the middle class resonate?

A federal appeals court ruled five former New Orleans police officers convicted of civil rights violations during a deadly shootings after Hurricane Katrina will be retried.

Current and former students  are expected to testify in a rape case at the New Hampshire prep school.

The debate over the Confederate Flag in Mississippi is far from over.

The U.S. Navy  SEALs may soon open teams to women who pass the grueling six-month training regimen.

Watch: Marco Rubio plays quarterback in Iowa. It doesn’t go very well

Rev.'s Early Reads: Aug. 19th, 2015