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Rev.’s Early Reads: Aug. 17th, 2015


Donald Trump releases his immigration policy. He says undocumented immigrants ‘have to go’ and that Mexico ‘must pay’ for a wall between it and the US

Trump is taking time off the campaign trail to report for jury duty in Manhattan today.

Gov. Huckabee draws criticism for agreeing with a decision to deny a 10-year-old rape victim an abortion.

ICYMI: Here’s a roundup over everything that happened at the Iowa State Fair this weekend.

Louisiana study finds prosecutors used peremptory challenges three times more often to remove potential black jurors over the last decade. 

A new study reports income inequality still persist for black and brown college graduates, when compared to white and Asian graduates

Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter was stabbed to death early Sunday in New York City. Today, her 30-year-old boyfriend faces second degree murder charges.  

Over the weekend, we said goodbye to a civil rights titan.

Rev.'s Early Reads: Aug. 17th, 2015