Rev’s Early Reads: November 21, 2013


Senate Democrats to invoke “nuclear option” against GOP filibusters today.

New York Times publishes the GOP’s secret talking points on attacking Obamacare.

Soon Democrats will be able hit Republicans on “Cruz Care.”

That explains it! GOP governor says he didn’t shorten early voting, he “compacted the calendar.”

Busted! Koch brothers ad against Obamacare features an actress posing as an angry voter.

“Oh, no sir!”: Rush Limbaugh rips into caller who brings up his past drug use.

Bad news for Republicans in 2014: the Obama campaign turns over its database of voters and activists to the DNC.

“Hell yeah!”: Rick Perry applauds proposed changes to GOP primary debates. Wonder why?

The oldest known recording of a black vocal group – from 1893! – is up for auction.