‘Not going to see this again’ - WATCH: Inauguration highlights


President Barack Obama paused for a moment on Monday as he left the inauguration platform to take one more look at the crowd that had amassed on the National Mall in our nation’s capital to see him sworn in for his second historic term.

In that spirit, PoliticsNation took a moment on of Friday’s show to look back and remember the best moments of inauguration weekend.

Rev. Al Sharpton spoke of the importance of Obama’s decision to be sworn in on the Bible belonging to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, on the holiday in his honor. Only a few decades ago, people like Jesse Helms fought against declaring the day for King, arguing that he was a communist. Even then-President Ronald Reagan defended Helms and his position.

As Sharpton said, “I was a young activist marching then behind Mrs. King and others to get that national holiday. I was a seasoned activist sitting on the platform Monday as I watched them bring out Martin Luther King’s bible, to swear in the President of the United States.”

“Yes, we can make America change, and the best is still yet to come.”

'Not going to see this again' - WATCH: Inauguration highlights