House of Shame: Dem calls out GOP for ‘moral implosion’


As they set off for a nice long August recess, House Republicans made headlines for two initiatives which critics say waste time and hurt Americans.

The first big move was holding their 40th vote to repeal all or part of Obamacare. Not a single Republican voted against the bill that would stop the IRS from enacting its part of the Affordable Care Act. The ultimately futile vote was a top priority for Republicans before they went home for the August recess, even though it never had a chance of passing. (We can think of a lot of other things they could have been doing instead.)

Then there’s their new plan to cut $40 billion from the Supplement Nutritional Assistance Program, better known as food stamps. The new proposal literally doubles the cuts that Republicans included in the farm bill earlier this year, which ultimately failed, thanks to “no” voting Democrats who opposed the food stamp cuts, and “no” voting Republicans who thought the cuts weren’t deep enough.

“It reflects a moral implosion, there is nothing left of their morality,” Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott said on Friday’s PoliticsNation.

McDermott believes the desperate attempts to derail the Affordable Care Act show Republicans are scared of how Americans will react when new parts of the law take effect in the coming months.

“They are absolutely in a panic that it’s going to go into effect and then people are going to find out that most of what they’ve been told by Republicans is not true,” he said. “Most of the propaganda that they’ve been putting out about how bad it is and it’s a failed experiment – all of that stuff, is simply not true, and they know when people figure that out, they’re never going to vote for a Republican again.”

House of Shame: Dem calls out GOP for 'moral implosion'