Holder tells NBC News he won’t step down


Attorney General Eric Holder has been under fire from numerous Republicans in recent weeks over the controversy surrounding the Justice Department’s investigation into national security leaks.

Republicans from Senator Ted Cruz to Congressman Peter King have gone so far as to call for his resignation in recent weeks.

But tonight, in an exclusive interview with NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed that he has no plans to step down soon.

WILLIAMS: Is it your intention to serve this term out?

HOLDER: No. That’s not my intention. Behind me is–is a portrait of Janet Reno who served eight years under Bill Clinton. I was her deputy attorney general for four of those years. There’s some things that I wanna do–some things I wanna get done–that I’ve discussed with the president. And once I have finished that I’ll–I’ll sit down with him and we’ll determine–when it’s time to make a transition to–a new attorney general.

WILLIAMS: But to be clear you’re not stepping down now?

HOLDER: No. I have no intention of doing so now.

Check out the rest of Pete Williams’s interview with Eric Holder.

Holder tells NBC News he won't step down