Arsenio Hall wants ‘Hill-dog’ Clinton back on new late night show


He’s been off the air for nearly two decades, but Arsenio Hall will restart his late night career next week with a fresh new perspective, and if he gets his way, some his favorite guests from the past.

One of the most memorable moments from his earlier days occurred when then-candidate Bill Clinton played his saxophone on the show in 1992 with Hillary Clinton. Hall would love to see more politicians join him again, including another possible future-President Clinton.

“We could start with Hill-dog in the beautiful yellow suit there,” he told Rev. Sharpton on Friday’s PoliticsNation. “If Hillary shows up on my new set and just holds a saxophone, it will be the greatest moment in my professional career, because that will be an announcement that here comes another Clinton about to go through Arsenio to the Hill and to the White House.”

Twenty years later, Hillary Clinton is still a major fixture on the political scene, and Arsenio Hall hopes he can become a major player in the late night scene too, but he recognizes it’s a crowded field.

“It’s very crowded, I understand that, but I don’t think it’s so crowded that I can’t find an audience,” he said. “Because there’s more people out there who don’t have a late night audience than do have a late night host.”

“I’ve prepared for every scenario,” he added. “If I fail and I’m canceled on Tuesday, I will tell America it was a special.”

“You got one fan, I’ll be there,” Rev. Sharpton told him.

Hillary Clinton

Arsenio Hall wants 'Hill-dog' Clinton back on new late night show