Fallon and Springsteen skewer Christie in ‘Born to Run’ spoof


Way Too Early , 1/15/14, 11:00 AM ET

Fallon, Springsteen in Christie 'traffic jam'

Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon update The Boss’ classic “Born to Run” with lyrics specific to “Bridgegate.”

Gov. Chris Christie has been a big Bruce Springsteen fan for years, but he might not enjoy the Boss’ latest tune. 

Springsteen teamed up with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s show for a “Born to Run” cover, but rewritten lyrics mocked the New Jersey governor over bridgegate scandal. 

The duo, clad in Springsteen’s signature look of denim and sleeveless shirts, sang about Christie’s “Fort Lee traffic jam,” with a dig about hurting “the working man.” “Jersey get your a** in line,” Springsteen sang, saying the “Gov. Chris Christie, Fort Lee Traffic Jam” was “longer than one of my own damn shows.”

Springsteen has snubbed Christie in the past, even though the governor’s one of his biggest fans, claiming to know all the lyrics to all his songs and to have attended more than 100 of his concerts. But Springsteen, an Obama supporter, has been reluctant to connect with Christie, presumably over their political differences. The two finally met briefly at an NBC telethon to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief in 2012, and the governor finally got a hug from the rock star he’s loved for years, leaving him in tears.

He might cry over this performance, too.  

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Fallon and Springsteen skewer Christie in 'Born to Run' spoof