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Who's your Black History Month hero?

02/27/15 07:07PM

For Black History Month, we asked our Politics Nation users to tell us the story of their own personal black American hero. We wanted to hear about a person they knew growing up -- the aunt that helped push them in school or the coach that led on and off the field. These are some of those stories. read more

Jeb’s first primary test

Jeb’s first primary test

02/27/15 06:16PM

Friday, the entire political world was tuning in to see how Jeb Bush did in his first big primary test – an appearance at the right-wing’s CPAC Summit. Kasie Hunt and EJ Dionne join Rev. Sharpton to give an analysis. watch

The Homeland Security vote failure

The Homeland Security vote failure

02/27/15 06:00PM

It’s being called a stunning failure by Republicans in Congress. Rev. Sharpton talks to Dana Milbank, Clarence Page and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver about how the GOP put funding for Homeland Security in jeopardy. watch

GOP failures of leadership on immigration

GOP failures of leadership on immigration

02/26/15 06:00PM

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to say when he’ll hold a vote on Loretta Lynch’s nomination to be Attorney General. Speaker Boehner refused to say how he’ll handle right-wingers trying to shut down DHS. Rev. Sharpton has the latest. watch

Report: Chicago police have ‘black sites’

Report: Chicago police have ‘black sites’

02/25/15 06:32PM

A startling new report by “The Guardian” details what some are calling a “black site” in Chicago – a secret interrogation facility used by police. Human rights attorney Flint Taylor joins Rev. Sharpton to discuss the report’s details. watch

Pres. Obama goes on the offensive over DHS

Pres. Obama goes on the offensive over DHS

02/25/15 06:15PM

We’re now just two days away from a homeland security shutdown - and today, Senate Republicans showed they know it’s a political loser for the GOP. Rev. Sharpton talks to Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and Maria Teresa Kumar for more. watch


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