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E.g., 12/22/2014
Senate races looking razor-thin

Senate races looking razor-thin

11/02/14 08:33AM

Steve Kornacki checks in with reporters on the ground in some of the tightest Senate battleground races in Georgia, Iowa and Kansas. Kasie Hunt, Luke Russert and Kelly O'Donnell report the latest. watch

Is the Senate slipping away from Democrats?

Is the Senate slipping away from Democrats?

11/02/14 08:00AM

The Des Moines Register's final poll on Iowa's Senate race shows Republican Joni Ernst up seven points over Democrat Bruce Braley. Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez, NBC's Perry Bacon Jr. and Norm Ornstein from the American Enterprise Institute join to watch

Supporters of Iowa Republican State Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst wait for a rally on Oct. 11, 2014 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Photo by David Greedy/Getty)

Iowa Senate race slipping away from Democrats

11/01/14 08:29PM

Republican Joni Ernst has opened up a strong lead in the closely watched Iowa Senate race, pulling 7 percentage points ahead of Democrat Bruce Braley in a new Des Moines Register poll.For the first time, Enrst has moved above the critical 50% threshold, though just by one point. Braley trails at 44%. The race, like other tossups, could determine control of the Senate. read more

TN to vote on controversial abortion measure

Tennessee to vote on controversial abortion measure

11/01/14 10:48AM

On Tuesday, a Tennessee ballot initiative will have voters deciding on whether to overhaul the state’s constitution by “radically changing the established legal understanding that women have a right to choose.” Hedy Weinberg, from the ACLU of Tennessee... watch