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E.g., 10/26/2014
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker addresses members of the media in Madison, Wis., July 22, 2014.

Scott Walker still struggling in new poll

08/27/14 02:05PM

Scott Walker is betting that his conservative credentials and his years as a purple-state governor can put him in the top tier of Republican presidential contenders. But his current struggles to win re-election in Wisconsin could badly weaken him for 2016.A Marquette University poll released Wednesday showed Walker with just a 3. read more

U.S. citizens vote in the presidential election at Carleton Middle School Nov. 6, 2012 in Sterling Heights, Mich.

Forget 2016: Democrats already have a plan for 2020

08/26/14 07:34AM

Forget 2016. Democrats are already fighting to win 2020. As President Obama’s second term winds down and Hillary Clinton’s likely presidential campaign winds up, it feels like the 2016 election often draws even more attention than the upcoming midterm races. read more

Tom Tancredo, a Republican former congressman and candidate for governor, in Denver, June 19, 2014.

Tom Tancredo's new raison d'être

08/22/14 07:27AM

Long before Iowa Congressman Steve King called DREAMers drug smugglers with “calves the size of cantaloupes, Tancredo warned, “Miami is becoming a third-world country” and led the charge against President Bush’s immigration reform efforts. read more

Iowa Politics

Iowa Senate race heats up after Democratic stumbles

08/13/14 07:08AM

DES MOINES, Iowa – On a recent visit to the Iowa State Fair, control of the Senate boiled down to a fight between two opposing camps: people in chicken suits versus people in corn suits. Such are the indignities of running in one of the most competitive – and crucial – races of 2014. read more