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Fire incident in Manila slum

This Week in Pictures: April 26-May 2

05/02/14 10:46AM

Mother Nature bared her teeth this week, as deadly storms tore through the American south, flattening homes and taking lives in Arkansas and Mississippi, two of the hardest hit states. read more

Two men check out a rifle at a booth during the annual convention for the NRA in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 25, 2014.

NRA convention draws gun-lovers and vote-seekers

04/28/14 02:32PM

Tens of thousands of firearms enthusiasts gathered in Indianapolis over the weekend for the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, a celebration of gun culture that’s also a magnet for Republican candidates looking to court the movement’s support. read more

Funeral for victim of Everest avalanche

This Week in Pictures: Apr. 19-Apr. 25

04/25/14 10:35AM

This week kicked off with a festive start, as Catholics around the world celebrated Easter Sunday. But the mood grew somber as recovery efforts at the Sewol ferry in South Korea led to a spike in victims who were found once conditions allowed divers better access to the areas where many high school students had been trapped. The captain of the... read more

A day in the life of a divided school

04/25/14 06:52AM

The dramatic rise of charter schools in urban communities over the past decade has been fraught with debate, controversy and consternation. While the broader debate over charter schools is whipping through communities across the nation, the epicenter remains in New York City – specifically Harlem – where a plethora of charters have emerged to... read more

AIDS patient Elimas Mokola looks at himself in a mirror at his home in Lusaka, Zambia in 2007. Moloka will soon undergo a 40-day treatment of antiretroviral drugs, ARVs.

Treating AIDS around the world

04/23/14 08:07AM

Thirty years ago this morning, the Reagan administration sparked scientific and social revolutions by announcing the discovery of the AIDS virus. read more

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Interrupting violence in Brooklyn

04/08/14 02:25PM

During the '80s and early '90s, when NYC was full of racial tension, crime and gun violence, few neighborhoods captured the era more than Crown Heights, NYC. read more

Afghans discuss their hopes for the elections and the new president they will bring in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Meet the voters who want an end to war

04/04/14 10:32AM

Photographer Victor Blue profiled Afghans and asked them what they hope the election and new president will bring to their war-torn nation. read more