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Flighting the heat

This Week in Pictures: May 24-May 30

05/30/14 11:17AM

The military junta in Thailand reinforced their hold on power this week, after staging a coup last week in which they overthrew the government and detained some 150 government officials. Violence continued to erupt throughout Ukraine, as pro-Russian militants sought to derail Sunday's elections. Voting proceeded in parts of the country, but... read more

Law and disorder on the Pine Ridge Reservation

05/29/14 07:14AM

About 35 tribal police officers on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation patrol 2 million rambling acres, an area larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. But beyond the logistical headache of the job, it’s their mission. read more

For gays in Uganda, a growing struggle

05/28/14 07:02AM

Since President Yoweri Museveni signed Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in February, life has changed dramatically for the country’s gay and lesbian community. Photographer Aldo Soligno set out to capture it. read more

Ukrainians share their stories ahead of elections

05/23/14 12:58PM

This weekend, Ukrainians will head to the polls to elect a new president, following the uprising and the ouster of the country's former Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovych. The election comes at a precarious time for the region. Russia has annexed the Crimea and appears to be attempting to do the same in other parts of eastern... read more

Sydney Breaks May Warm Weather Record

This Week in Pictures: May 17-May 23

05/23/14 12:05PM

Violence flared in eastern Ukraine, ahead of Sunday’s elections, with an attack on a military checkpoint that left at least fifteen dead. In Thailand, the military staged a coup and overthrew the elected government - the second time in a decade that it has done so. In the US, early primaries solidified establishment Republicans over Tea Party... read more

9/11 Museum Opening

Years after deadly attacks, 9/11 museum opens

05/22/14 01:32PM

Thirteen years after the deadly terrorist attack on American soil, a museum commemorating the horrifying incident that killed nearly 3,000 has opened to the public. read more

Abed, a Syrian refugee, collects metallic pieces from the dumpster in Hamra region of Beirut, Lebanon, on March 13th 2014.

Syrian children seek refuge in Lebanon

05/19/14 08:27AM

No nation has accepted a larger number of refugees during the three-year-old Syrian conflict than neighboring Lebanon, where the influx of one million Syrians – 500,000 of whom are children—has overwhelmed the country’s infrastructure. read more

An injured miner came out carried by rescuers after an explosion in Manisa on May 13, 2014.

This Week in Pictures: May 10-16

05/16/14 12:52PM

The devastating news of the week came on Tuesday, when a coal mine in Soma, Turkey, in the eastern part of the country, exploded, killing at least 282 people and leaving over 200 people still missing. It was the worst mining accident in Turkey's history, and protests broke out across the country as citizens demanded answers from the... read more

Protesters run forward as they prepare to throw petrol bombs towards police during violent clashes in Santiago, Chile, May. 8, 2014.

This Week in Pictures: May 3-May 9

05/09/14 11:23AM

The tense standoff between pro-Russian separatists and government supporters in eastern Ukraine that had remained relatively peaceful since Russia annexed Crimea in March turned violent this week. read more