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E.g., 7/16/2020
Protests Continue Across Country In Wake Of NY Grand Jury Verdict In Chokehold Death Case

Protesters rally nationwide over Garner grand jury decision

12/05/14 10:40AM

Public outrage over a string of fatal police encounters spilled into the streets of major cities across the country again Thursday as crowds gathered in response to news that the police officer associated with Eric Garner’s chokehold death would not face criminal charges. read more

Student Protestors Continue To Occupy Admiralty Site

Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement

12/03/14 02:46PM

Thousands of protesters joined the budding pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong during a national holiday on Wednesday, promising to storm government buildings if the territory’s leader doesn’t resign by the end of Thursday. read more

Lisa: The Legacy of Human Trafficking

A look into a destructive cycle of sex work and addiction

12/02/14 07:34AM

In spite of a growing national awareness about the commercial sexual exploitation of children, broad-reaching resources and “wrap services” remain limited. For Lisa, a young Seattle-area woman struggling to leave a life of sex work and addiction, this is literally a life and death issue. At 13 years, Lisa was “turned out” by a pimp. read more

This Week in Pictures: Nov. 22-28

11/28/14 09:16AM

Protesters hit the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrators clashed with police in Hong Kong. And the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade marched on. read more

Marijuana industry sees green after Colorado legalization

11/24/14 11:30AM

Colorado’s grand cannabis experiment has captured the imagination of America. After 75 years of marijuana prohibition, the state’s voters amended their constitution and legalized marijuana in all forms. The results have been remarkable. read more