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E.g., 8/3/2020
Mass wedding ceremony in Kathmandu

This Week in Pictures: Feb. 7-13

02/13/15 10:34AM

The conflict in Ukraine continues despite peace talks, the trial for the killer of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield begins, and the East Coast braces for cold. read more

Life in North Korea: A glimpse inside an isolated nation

02/11/15 11:04AM

The standard publicity shots are well known: Images of the smiling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un saluting orderly formations of soldiers or touring sterile new factories. But the real story behind one of the nation's most isolated nations is difficult to parse. read more

Herdsmen from the Kyrgyz ethnic group hold their falcons as they ride on horses during a hunting competition in Akqi county

This Week in Pictures: Jan. 31-Feb. 6

02/06/15 11:42AM

Breathtaking photos from around the world, from the Patriots' Super Bowl victory to a Taipei airplane crash, to the frozen and snow-swept streets of Europe. read more

How Rosa Parks changed a nation

02/03/15 10:42AM

To coincide with Parks' birthday, the Rosa Parks Collection at the Library of Congress will formally open to researchers on Feb. 4. The collection contains approximately 7,500 manuscripts and 2,500 photographs. A selection of photographs from the collection can be seen in this photo essay. read more

From Tehran to Turkey: An international journey by train

02/02/15 03:17PM

“Salam. Do you have some salt?” When a shy man in his 30s poked his head around the glass door of our small four-seat compartment, we had been on the train for no more than 15 minutes and were still stunned by the vintage features of the corridor coach that would take us from Tehran, Iran, to Ankara, Turkey. read more

A general view of the Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim oil refinery is seen outside Ufa, Bashkortostan

This Week in Pictures: Jan. 24-30

01/30/15 12:38PM

Severe weather hit the East coast, fighting continued in Ukraine and heads of state gathered to commemorate the closing of Auschwitz . read more

Behind the front lines of the conflict in Ukraine

01/29/15 12:13PM

Despite calls for a political solution, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has grown increasingly bloody in recent weeks as Russian forces and weaponry pour across the border, threatening to turn the battle for control of eastern Ukraine's rebel-held cities into all-out war. read more

Photos of the colorful characters at the Iowa Freedom Summit

01/26/15 12:37PM

The event, organized by Iowa Congressman Steve King and conservative advocacy group Citizens United, was the highest profile gathering yet of likely 2016 candidates and its organizers billed it as an unofficial kickoff to the Republican primaries. Speakers included Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee,... read more

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Scenes from the State of the Union

01/20/15 08:27PM

President Barack Obama planned to take credit for the improving economy in his State of the Union address Monday, declaring “Tonight, we turn the page.” But Obama also warned that prosperity may only be available to “a few of us who do spectacularly well” if policies are not enacted to address the needs of the middle class. read more