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US Troops in Vietnam: The Arrival

US Troops in Vietnam: The Arrival

03/09/15 07:47AM

Fifty years ago, on March 8, 1965, U.S. Marines landed on the beaches of Da Nang, marking the first official engagement of American troops in the Vietnam War. Chapter one of this series, which looks back at the U.S.’s first year in the war 50 years on, considers the Vietnamese civil war under President John F. Kennedy, the Gulf of Tonkin attack... watch

GOP hopefuls talk trade, immigration and more in Iowa

03/07/15 07:27PM

Major Republican 2016 hopefuls took the stage in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday for the Iowa Agricultural Summit, a showcase political event in a state crucial to the 2016 presidential race. The star-studded roster included Sens. Ted Cruz and Joni Ernst, Govs. Chris Christie and Scott Walker, as well as former Govs. Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and... read more

A widow throws flower petals as she, along with others, take part in the Holi celebrations organised by a non-governmental organisation Sulabh International at a widows' ashram at Vrindavan in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh

This Week in Pictures: Feb. 28-Mar. 6

03/06/15 01:07PM

In New York, an airplane skidded off the runway at LaGuardia Airport, and winter weather battered southern states including Kentucky and Tennessee. ... read more

How events in Selma 50 years ago changed America forever

03/05/15 03:07PM

Fifty years ago, civil rights activists marched through Selma to challenge ingrained inequality in a movement that would forever change America. “You cannot be afraid to speak up and speak out for what you believe. You have to have courage, raw courage.” — Rep. John Lewis read more

Post-Chavez Venezuela: One country, divided in two

03/05/15 10:01AM

Moved last year by the news coverage of waves of student protests against the government of Chavez’s hand-picked successor, Nicolas Maduro, I went to Venezuela to photograph the unfolding of events. I was curious to understand a movement in which the protesters were middle and upper class, furious at the socialist regime, and demanding that... read more

Inside Cook County Jail, where inmates get Obamacare

03/02/15 09:46AM

A growing number of jails are enrolling inmates in Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in hopes of reducing recidivism and health-care costs. They're trying to reach individuals like Trinidad Sanchez, 33, said who said he committed crimes in the past just to get mental-health treatment. read more

CPAC Vignettes

Behind the scenes at CPAC

02/27/15 03:31PM

Conservatives around the country gathered this week for CPAC, a traditional showcase event for GOP presidential candidates. read more

Finland's Ahonen soars past judges windows during the normal hill HS100 mixed team ski jumping event of the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun

This Week in Pictures: Feb. 21-27

02/27/15 02:29PM

Spring training in the U.S., fashion week in London and Seville, and the start of Holi in India offered colorful notes to the week. But in Haiti, funerals were held for the victims of last week's Carnival stampede in Port-au-Prince and a ferry accident in Bangladesh killed dozens of passengers when it capsized in the Padma river. read more

President Barack Obama takes part in a MSNBC town hall event on immigration with Jose Diaz-Balart in Miami, Fla., on Feb. 25th, 2015.

Behind the scenes at President Obama's immigration town hall

02/25/15 10:39PM

A defiant President Obama pledged on Wednesday to do everything in his power to overhaul the immigration system and veto anything that stood in his way. Speaking at a town hall hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo, Obama sat down with José Díaz-Balart at Florida International University in Miami, the president took questions in English and Spanish. read more

Ukraine to Russia: 'Get out of our land'

02/25/15 06:35PM

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is demanding that Russian President Vladimir Putin remove heavy weaponry from eastern Ukraine, a key condition of a truce that Ukrainian officials accuse Russia of violating. read more

This Week in Pictures: Feb. 14-20

02/20/15 12:45PM

Valentine's Day, New York Fashion Week, the Westminster Dog Show, and Carnival offered some much needed levity during a week that continued to bring heavy news from around the world. read more

In this May 21, 1964 file photo, Malcolm X speaks during a news conference at the Hotel Theresa in Harlem, New York. (Photo by AP)

50 years after Malcolm X, civil rights icon inspired fear and love

02/20/15 10:50AM

Fifty years ago, Malcolm X was a figure who inspired fear -- but time has been kinder to his image and message, which was far more nuanced and insightful than it seemed when a shocked nation first encountered it in the late 1950s and early ‘60s. read more

Ladies from the Portela samba school in costumes for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Photo by Wayne Lawrence for MSNBC)

The faces of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival

02/17/15 01:24PM

Tens of thousands of people are packing the streets of Brazil, reveling for five days in dancing, celebrating, pageantry, and dazzling costumes as the country's annual carnival season continues this week. Each year, local residents participate in the Carnival of Brazil, arguably the most famous holiday in the country. read more

Slow crawl toward justice for broken-hearted families

02/17/15 09:58AM

Sometimes, when the ache of her son’s death cuts deeper than usual, Constance Malcolm says she can feel his spirit wash over her like a warm whisper. But in the three years since 18-year-old Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by police in their Bronx apartment, his mother’s fight for justice has been cold and elusive. ... read more