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E.g., 8/3/2020
Flamingo and flamingo chicks are seen in a corral before being fitted with identity rings at dawn at a lagoon in the Fuente de Piedra natural reserve, in Fuente de Piedra, near Malaga, southern Spain

This Week in Pictures: Aug. 8-14

08/14/15 12:07PM

This week a massive blast at a warehouse injured hundreds in China and Mediterranean countries continued to deal with a massive influx of migrants. read more

Firefighters with the Marin County Fire Department's Tamalpais Fire Crew monitor a backfire as they battle the Valley Fire on Sep. 13, 2015 near Middletown, Calif. (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty)

A wild season for wildfires

08/13/15 04:35PM

Wildfires have been scouring America with unusual range and frequency this summer, menacing homes and highways across a half dozen states. read more

Policemen force a rioter here into a police car during second night in a row of rioting in Los Angeles, Calif., on Aug. 12, 1965. (Photo by Bettmann/Corbis)

Watts riots eerily echo racial tensions 50 years later

08/11/15 01:49PM

When two white police officers confronted a black driver who was allegedly drunk on August 11, 1965, near Watts, a predominately African-American section of Los Angeles, they probably could have never imagined their actions would spark a chain of events that led to six days of rioting, more than $40 million dollars in property damage, nearly 4... read more

Michael Brown Sr., at the spot where his son was killed, comforts his wife, Cal Brown, during the 4-1/2 minutes of silence to mark the anniversary of the killing of his son Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 9, 2015. (Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Remembering Michael Brown one year later

08/09/15 06:55PM

FERGUSON, Missouri – Hundreds of people gathered Sunday morning at the memorial of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen who was shot dead in the middle of the street by a white police officer exactly one year ago. ... read more

GOP candidates attend RedState Gathering

08/09/15 03:36PM

The blog RedState is a place where impassioned conservatives gather online year-round. But for three days a year, it also hosts its in-person “RedState Gathering” in Atlanta, Georgia. ... read more

This Week in Pictures: Aug. 1-7

08/07/15 01:04PM

GOP candidates took to the stage for a debate, debris from MH370 was confirmed to be from the missing flight and severe weather threatened Taiwan. read more

Police Officers Shot During Protests After Ferguson Police Chief Resigns

Timeline: How the Ferguson crisis unfolded

08/07/15 10:00AM

The events happening in Ferguson, Missouri, have shocked the nation — beginning with the Aug. 9 shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown by the now-former local officer Darren Wilson, to the resulting protests and the heavy-handed response by law enforcement officials. Here is a timeline of those events, and the photographs that captured them. read more

Voting Rights Act of 1965 at 50: A law 'true to our principles'

08/06/15 11:01AM

The act, which barred discriminatory voting practices that had been used to deny people—particularly African-Americans—their constitutional right to vote, was no easy feat and came after decades of civil unrest and violence. read more

US Troops in Vietnam: Counterculture

US Troops in Vietnam: Counterculture

08/03/15 02:12PM

Fifty years ago, on March 8, 1965, US Marines landed on the beaches of Da Nang marking the first official engagement of American troops in the Vietnam War. This video series will revisit the war— from the first landing through to the fall of Saigon. In this third chapter, we look back at some of the celebrities leading the anti-war movement in... watch


This Week in Pictures: July 25-31

07/31/15 12:41PM

Wildfires continued to scorch large swaths of land not only in the U.S., but in parts of Europe as well, as a lack of snowfall this past winter and continued drought throughout the summer have a created a dangerous climate for fires. read more

First days following Castro's arrival in Havana in January 1959, Cuba. (Photo by Bob Henriques/Magnum)

Remembering the Cuban Revolution

07/24/15 01:26PM

Sixty-two years ago on July 26, 1953, Fidel Castro united a rebel force with systematized plans to overthrow the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Castro, then a young lawyer and activist, had joined the highest ranks of the reformist Cuban People’s Party and was slated for candidacy as the party’s delegate in the House of Representatives. He... read more