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E.g., 4/30/2016

Ex-felons in Baltimore cast ballots after having their voting rights restored

04/22/16 01:46PM

In February, Maryland restored voting rights to people with felony convictions as soon as they’re released from prison — re-enfranchising an estimated 40,000 predominantly African-American Marylanders. MSNBC's Zachary Roth, along with photographer Christopher Gregory, took a look at how the change affected those whose voting rights were... read more

A young Yazidi girl stands in a ray of light in the shrine of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir during their new years celebrations in Lalish, north of Mosul, Iraq, on April 20, 2016. (Photo by Andrea Dicenzo/EPA)

This Week in Pictures: April 16-23

04/22/16 12:13PM

From devastating earthquakes to the death of a pop music icon, see this week's leading stories captured in incredible photos from around the world. read more

Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem in New York, March 30, 2016. (Photo by Mark Peterson/Redux for MSNBC)

The presidential campaign: Hillary Clinton

04/19/16 10:00AM

As the Democratic presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton arguably boasts experience in government and on the campaign trail unparalleled by anyone in the 2016 presidential field — but that has also made her a high-profile target for attack, allowing critics to spotlight numerous controversies in her past. read more

Donald Trump speaks at a press conference at Hilton Garden Inn on Staten Island, N.Y., April 17, 2016. (Photo by Mark Peterson/Redux for MSNBC)

The presidential campaign: Donald Trump

04/19/16 10:00AM

Donald Trump has traveled the country since his presidential campaign announcement in June, toting his official campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” The real estate mogul has has ran a primarily self-funded, anti-establishment campaign, and he has led nearly every national poll since campaigning began. read more

The presidential campaign: Ted Cruz

04/19/16 10:00AM

Ted Cruz has arrived. The Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate was first to announce his bid back in March, and has since been carefully laying the groundwork for a come-from-behind primary victory. read more