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E.g., 10/31/2014
In Drones We Trust

Watching You, Watching Me: How surveillance affects modern life

10/30/14 11:43AM

We are being watched. Governments, corporations and hackers track our movements and activities, both online and in the real world. The artists who contributed to "Watching You, Watching Me," a new exhibition from the Open Society Foundation, use photographs, satellite images, surveillance cameras, drones, and more to examine the different ways that surveillance affects modern life. read more

A look at South Dakota lives balanced on the minimum wage

10/28/14 11:02AM

Unemployment in South Dakota may be low compared to the national average, but the state's average wages are also among the lowest in the country. Some in South Dakota are pushing to raise the state's minimum wage. But even some who support the increase wonder if an $1.25 hourly hike would be enough to make a difference. read more

Everywhere, USA

10/23/14 04:54PM

Not every town gets to be King of Prussia or Truth or Consequences. America is littered with colorful monickers for its cities, but some towns inevitably go by names that are a little more milquetoast. And few names are more milquetoast than "Middletown": A name suggesting the town's defining attribute is that it isn't too far out there to one side or the other. read more

A dancer from the Deep Roots Dance Company performs during a training session in an old theatre in downtown Havana

This Week in Pictures: Oct. 11-17

10/17/14 01:07PM

Ebola cases stoke fears across the U.S., protests continue in Hong Kong, and the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals clench their division finals to proceed to the World Series. read more

Ferguson's 'Weekend of Resistance'

10/13/14 12:13PM

Over 100 protesters marched peacefully down W. Florissant Ave. on Friday night carrying a mirrored coffin in Michael Brown’s honor, kicking off what organizers billed as a “Weekend of Resistance,” a multi-day event designed to pay tribute to the lives of young black men who have died at the hands of police. read more