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Photos of the colorful characters at the Iowa Freedom Summit

01/26/15 12:37PM

The event, organized by Iowa Congressman Steve King and conservative advocacy group Citizens United, was the highest profile gathering yet of likely 2016 candidates and its organizers billed it as an unofficial kickoff to the Republican primaries. Speakers included Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee,... read more

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Scenes from the State of the Union

01/20/15 08:27PM

President Barack Obama planned to take credit for the improving economy in his State of the Union address Monday, declaring “Tonight, we turn the page.” But Obama also warned that prosperity may only be available to “a few of us who do spectacularly well” if policies are not enacted to address the needs of the middle class. read more

A glimpse of a 'disappearing' people

01/15/15 06:52AM

Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish Regional Government, in northern Iraq, is home to tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians who have fled the threat of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who have launched an offensive throughout much of Iraq and Syria in recent months. read more

People hold a vigil at the Place de la Republique (Republic Square) for victims of the terrorist attack, on Jan. 8, 2015 in Paris, France.

The world mourns after 'Charlie Hebdo' attack

01/08/15 12:59PM

France held a national day of mourning Thursday and a moment of silence at noon local time, a day after masked gunman stormed the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people and wounded others. Flags in France have been ordered to fly at half-staff, and Parisians gathered to pay tribute to the victims of the attack. read more