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E.g., 8/21/2014
E.g., 8/21/2014
Protests Erupt After Police Shoot Teen In St. Louis

Police and protestors clash in Ferguson

08/14/14 09:05AM

A peaceful demonstration over the killing of an unarmed black teenager turned violent Wednesday as police in paramilitary fatigues and riot gear tear-gassed dozens of protesters, fired stun grenades into a crowd and arrested reporters in a third night of chaos in the aftermath of the police shooting of Michael Brown. read more

A girl from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar, rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing in Fishkhabour

This Week in Pictures: Aug. 9-15

08/15/14 10:43AM

The public's attention shifted quickly this week, as the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of the Ferguson, Mo. police force led to protests and looting, as riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds and regain a semblance of order in the city. read more

A new frontier for women's education in Africa

08/06/14 09:29AM

Based on current education trends, only 56% of countries will have achieved gender parity in lower secondary education by 2015. If we continue like this, the poorest girls in sub-Saharan Africa will not achieve universal primary school completion until 2086. To address this challenge, in 2010 the Connect To Learn (CTL) initiative was established for girls in Rwanda and other areas in rural Africa, by providing scholarships and Internet access. read more

A plastic fruit tree stands in the corner of a room of a damaged home in the northern Gaza Strip

Peace talks break down as Gaza war resumes

08/20/14 10:39AM

Peace talks in Cairo to end the month-long war collapsed as Israeli officials withdrew their representatives from the Egyptian-brokered negotiations, telling the Associated Press that Hamas had broken "the premise of the talks" by renewing the cycle of violence. A member of the Palestinian delegation told NBC News they too will leave Cairo, beginning tomorrow. read more

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

More clashes rock Ferguson

08/19/14 08:25AM

Police fired tear gas at protesters amid the sound of explosions, shots rang out and armored police trucks sped down Florissant Avenue. At least two people, both males, were shot “in the dark of night,” Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said at a press conference. Two guns and a Molotov cocktail were confiscated. Police were hit with bottles and rocks. Thirty-one people were arrested by 2 a.m. CT. read more

Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown hold signs on Aug. 16, 2014 in Ferguson, Mo.

Curfew goes into effect in Ferguson

08/17/14 01:44AM

A citywide curfew went into effect hours after the governor declared a state of emergency in this largely African-American suburb of St. Louis where protests and the disproportionate police response roiled the community following the killing one week ago of an unarmed black teenager. read more

Iowa Politics

Pork and politics mingle at Iowa State Fair

08/11/14 01:06PM

First held in 1854, the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines is an annual showcase of farm animals and politicians alike that organizers boast attracts a million visitors each year. Iowa's role as the first caucus state of the presidential primaries make the event a must-visit for White House contenders who give soapbox speeches and mingle with locals. read more

A worker uses a laptop inside his dormitory near a residential construction site in Hefei

This Week in Pictures: Aug. 2-8

08/08/14 11:09AM

The crisis in Iraq changed drastically on Friday when the U.S. launched military airstrikes again Islamic extremists near the city of Erbil, where the U.S. has a consulate. read more