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NOW Today: Bain 2.0

06/25/12 08:05AM

This morning we're eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court's scheduled 10a announcements, which could include decisions on President Obama’s health care law and/or Arizona’s controversial immigration law. Needless to say, a ruling on either will be a big story with implications on both the policy and political fronts. We'll cover both of them extensively if the Court rules today. (If the Court doesn't issues those rulings today, it's very likely they'll come out on Wednesday or Thursday).One of the other stories of the day on the NOW rundown: Doubling down on Bain. read more

Trending NOW

06/25/12 06:39AM

Expect the trends to change in a big way today if the Supreme Court ends up making any of its key rulings of the term.Magid CPI: Cop shot dead during jazz concert in Denver park; Tropical Storm Debby stalls in Gulf of Mexico, lashing nearby states; Supreme Court meeting Monday with health care, immigration among handful of undecided cases Google: Kevin Youkilis; Tropical Storm Debby; Lolo JonesTwitter: #Newsroom; Google TV; RIP Michael JacksonYouTube: Lion Cub Plays With Dog and Rabbit ( Politics: America Doesn't Need an O read more

The NOW interns unpack the week

06/22/12 01:55PM

As recently noted in The Boston Globe, the race for the White House is beginning to resemble a school playground fight more than constructive political discourse. But luckily for President Obama and Governor Romney, the mudslinging seen in this year’s election hasn’t escalated to the cruelty perpetuated earlier this week by a group of New York middle schoolers against 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein. Following the incident and subsequent 10-minute video of the bullying, which was posted to YouTube earlier this week, Klein become a national story. read more

NOW Today: 4 states, 4 messages

06/22/12 09:27AM

The Romney campaign is out with 4 new state-specific ads detailing what a "President Romney" would do in his first 100 days.They're built on a template, with specific lines crafted for each state. But what's the thought behind the messaging? Take a look below at the ads and their custom message, followed by the latest May 2012 unemployment figures. Virginia: “By Day 100, President Romney reverses Obama’s offshore drilling ban, creating thousands of new jobs for Virginians. read more

Trending NOW

06/22/12 06:41AM

For those who don't know: Karen Klein is the grandmother who was bullied and whose story was pretty much everywhere yesterday.Magid CPI: Matt Sandusky Offered to Testify Against Adoptive Father; Moody's cuts credit ratings on 15 major banks; Taliban kill at least nine in Kabul hotel siege Google: Karen Klein; Summer solstice; LeBron JamesTwitter: Kabul; Isle of Wright; UniteYouTube: LeBron & the Heat unstoppable in 3rd quarter! read more

Vague details in Romney’s swing state message

Vague details in Romney’s swing state message

06/21/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney’s campaign released four television ads on Friday, targeting swing states with a positive message short of clear details. The NOW w/ Alex Wagner panelists - including Politico’s Ben White, Rolling Stone’s Eric Bates, The New York Times’... watch