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Prop 8 ruling

02/07/12 04:13PM

We talked with Lt. Dan Choi today ahead of the California same-sex marriage ruling. It was a great conversation and had some NOWists bringing up some very hot issues.Watch the interview everyone is talking about. read more

NOW Today

02/07/12 06:56AM

Pressure is mounting on the White House this morning as the Administration's ruling on contraception affecting religious organizations gains steam. Among those promoting the issue is Mitt Romney, who has incorporated the criticism into his stump speech. One things is for sure - expect to hear more about this before it calms down.One of the other stories to catch our attention today - a change of heart for the President when it comes to fundraising. read more

Trending NOW

02/07/12 06:48AM

If Google is any indicator, all those promos for NBC's "Smash" paid off - it's all over Google Trends this morning!Magid CPI: Authorities: Powell kids struck with hatchet before blaze; L.A. read more

Are Gingrich’s days numbered?

Are Gingrich’s days numbered?

02/06/12 07:00PM

As Newt Gingrich continues to talk strategy, the presidential candidate is bypassing the three states voting today opting to prepare for Super Tuesday, which happens in five weeks. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and panel discuss. watch

Halftime in America

02/06/12 02:36PM

What a game! And we're not talking about the action on the field. The commercials that aired last night highlighted two very different visions about the future of America.  Watch our NOWists discuss this and then tell us what you think! read more

NOW Today

02/06/12 06:56AM

Last night's Super Bowl may still be on the top of everyone's mind this morning (quick fact: approximately 7 million people call out sick on the day after the Super Bowl) - but there's also of news from the campaign trail.  Mitt Romney's big win in Nevada - and Newt Gingrich's most recent appearances - have us scratching our heads as to whether we'll have to wait until Super Tuesday to have a de facto nominee.  Still, the Gingrich campaign has a scenario that could reverse all of Romney's momentum. read more

Trending NOW

02/06/12 06:48AM

We've teamed up with Google again to get a look at what was buzzing online during last night's Super Bowl.  We'll have all the data, exclusively, today at noon ET.Magid CPI: Super Bowl: Pats' Last Attempt Fails as Giants Win; Missing Woman Susan Powell's Husband Kills Kids, Himself, in House Explosion; NBC Apologizes For M.I.A. read more

What Just Happened?!

02/03/12 01:52PM

Newt Gingrich has seen the Holy Grail -- his title as Republican nominee -- and nothing will stop him until he drinks from it.  Meanwhile if Mitt Romney keeps singing, Gingrich may get there.  Take a look back at What Just Happened?!  read more

NOW Today

02/03/12 06:59AM

This morning we'll take a look at the January jobs numbers to see how 2012 started on the road to economic recovery. We'll get the expert insight of Ben White and the insights of Velma Hart, who you might recall from this moment last year.  msnbc's resident Donald Trump expert Jonathan Capehart will walk us through The Donald's big endorsement yesterday.  Jim VandeHei will discuss his latest piece in POLITICO, 'Why Obama should be worried'.  And we'll lean on Alice Stewart for a look at the Nevada caucus this weekend and the contests ahead. read more

Trending NOW

02/03/12 06:49AM

Here's what's Trending NOW as we head toward the Nevada caucus this weekend.Magid CPI: Susan G. read more

Controlled funding

02/02/12 03:55PM

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards telling "NOW" that she and her organization are "shocked and surprised" that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation's withdrew its funds. Money that goes to hundreds of thousands of breast cancer screening exams.Richards says politics is getting thrown in the way of women's health care.Watch our interview and then check out Andrea Mitchell's sit-down with Ambassador Nancy Brinker of the Susan G. Komen Foundation explain the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. read more


02/02/12 02:27PM

Ben Mezrich, author of the book that inspired The Social Network describes Facebook as a "monster" that is going to take over the world. He also says money wasn't Mark Zuckerberg's goal -- he just wanted people to be on his social networking website.Do you agree? Watch and let us know!  read more