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01/24/12 06:49AM

Last night the GOP candidates for President tried to outline their vision for America (while taking blows at one another).  Tonight, the President himself lays out his vision for America.Magid CPI: GOP Race: Newt neutered as resurgent Romney shows he will fight for Florida; Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth; Tax returns show Romney is worth millions, paid $3 million in taxesGoogle: florida gop debate; state of the union; rand paulTwitter: State of the Union; White House; Rise & GrindYouTube Politics: Mr. read more

Florida primary preview: Storm clouds, not sunshine, await Mitt Romney

Florida primary preview: Storm clouds, not sunshine, await Mitt Romney

01/23/12 02:28PM

NOWist Joy-Ann Reid posted this originally at - the full post is linked below. After suffering a big loss in South Carolina, former Republican front-runner Mitt Romney faces a tough road in Florida, where the January 31 primary gives him perhaps his last, best chance to slow Newt Gingrich down. Democrats are gleefully awaiting the Romney-Gingrich slugfest, with Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz hosting a Sunday conference call "welcoming" the battered Romney campaign to Florida, and state Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux issuing a weeke read more

State of the Union: Letting the past be a guide

State of the Union: Letting the past be a guide

01/23/12 07:24AM

 NOWist Wendy Schiller is a professor of political science at Brown University In crafting this year’s State of the Union, President Obama and his speech writers should pay close attention to Newt Gingrich and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  It is not often they are mentioned in the same sentence, but here is how they are linked.  Newt Gingrich is a man with a charge account at Tiffany & Co. who has managed to portray Mitt Romney as Gordon Gekko, and sell the “true” Republican Party as the provider of equal economic opportunity. read more

NOW Today

01/23/12 06:49AM

This morning one of our regular NOWists said this about the GOP nomination - either Romney will cruise to the nomination; Gingrich will cruise to the nomination; the two will fight through and up until the convention; and finally the GOP may revolt and throw someone else into the fold.Today at noon ET we'll take a look at all the numbers from the South Carolina primary, figure out what they mean for the very different Florida electorate, and take stock of what's actually turned out to be a fascinating primary battle.> Ari Melber, The Nation/msnbc Contributor (@arimelber)> Karen Floyd, Fmr. read more

"Let's go bird hunting"

01/21/12 01:26PM

NOWist Jimmy Williams is an msnbc Contributor and former Senate staffer Mitt Romney has an image problem.  What an irony.  By all accounts, Romney is the handsomest man in the campaign world.  He's been running for either the U.S. Senate or POTUS for nearly 30 years.  His family is picture perfect.  His wife, also by all accounts, happens to be one of the nicest people on the planet.  His sons are all married, employed, and spitting out Romney heirs right and right.  He ran the Olympics successfully. read more

WJH: behind the scenes

01/20/12 03:20PM

Wondering why we chose "Gladiator" as the theme of this week's What Just Happened?  First off, this may have been the longest week of the Republican primary yet. read more

What Just Happened?!

01/20/12 02:41PM

The Republican primary became bloodsport in South Carolina.  Six candidates entered the arena -- only four survived.  See who left licking their wounds as we look back at What Just Happened: read more

The politics of the personal

01/20/12 02:36PM

How much do the candidates love being married? We counted the ways - in years.Should Newt Gingrich and his ex's and his alleged "open marriage" be a factor? We asked our NOWists if Family Matters...    read more

The (former) candidate and the comedian

01/20/12 02:20PM

Does he know he's in on the joke?Herman Cain took his train to a Stephen Colbert rally at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. The comedian (Colbert) and Cain (the other comedian?) took to the stage with such introductions as "the Indiana Jones of opportunity zones" and his "brother by another mother."Cain tried to keep it serious - talking his standard 9-9-9 line and discussing the deficit. Wrong crowd. They were looking for comedy.Politico reporting "Bring back Colbert!" was shouted by a someone at the rally.Why then did he try and go to this rally? read more

NOW Today

01/20/12 06:50AM

This morning the best political analysts in the business are saying that the past 24 hours have been among the most eventful in recent memory - if not longer.  Today will only add to the frenzy as a surging Newt Gingrich makes his final pitch; Mitt Romney works to preserve front runner status under increasing calls for financial disclosure; and Herman Cain teams up with Stephen Colbert to win South Carolina.Oh, speaking of Cain - he'll be on NOW right before his big rally in South Carolina.  Yesterday he endorsed the American people. read more

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01/20/12 06:45AM

Last night's debate seems to have peaked a little interest...Roughly 24 hours until the polls open in South Carolina.Magid CPI: U.S. read more

Is Romney just too rich?

Is Romney just too rich?

01/19/12 04:50PM

NOWist Wendy Schiller is a professor of political science at Brown UniversityElecting wealthy men to the presidency is not a new phenomenon in American politics.  According to a survey conducted by, which measured presidents’ fortunes in 2010 dollars, some of our most revered past presidents have been very rich indeed.   For example, George Washington was worth a cool $525 million, Andrew Jackson was worth $119 million, and Teddy Roosevelt was worth $125 million.  John F. Kennedy Jr. was the richest president ever with an estimated family fortune of $1 billion. read more

Perry, Gingrich & Romney the out-of-touch Ken doll

Perry, Gingrich & Romney the out-of-touch Ken doll

01/19/12 03:37PM

NOWist Jimmy Williams is an msnbc Contributor and former Senate staffer Stuck in the Minneapolis airport yesterday, I punched out a post on how Rick Santorum (and tangentially Rick Perry) were going to deny Newt Gingrich a badly-needed win in my home state of South Carolina. Then all hell broke loose this morning with Perry dropping out and endorsing Gingrich. Add ABC's bombshell tease of Gingrich's second wife, Marianne, declaring on national tv that Newt wanted to have his cake and eat it too by having an "open marriage" with both her and his mistress-now-wife Callista. read more