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Romney rakes in three wins

Romney rakes in three wins

04/03/12 08:00PM

GOP candidate Mitt Romney wrapped up three primary wins on Tuesday night, but his opponent, Rick Santorum, hasn’t given up yet. New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, The Hill’s Karen Finney, daughter of former GOP candidate Jon Huntsman, Abby Huntsman... watch

Mitt got the "yips"?

04/03/12 06:14PM

It's usually golfers and baseball players who get the "yips" -- an unexplained loss of motor skills, when a player suddenly starts fumbling even basic tasks.  In sports, it could be a routine chip to the green, or an infield throw first base.  In politics, it could be bungling a straightforward question, such as the issue of... read more

Why we are at war

04/03/12 03:57PM

Rachel Maddow joined us today to discuss her new book "Drift."With the war in Afghanistan now in its 11th year, the costs have been enormous: More than 1,800 U.S. soldiers have died, and taxpayers have spent more than $400 billion dollars on that battle alone. And yet where is the national conversation about war and why are we still in... read more

NOW Today: Showdown edition

04/03/12 06:43AM

Democrats and Republicans both have their showdowns today.In Wisconsin, Maryland, and DC primary voters will head to the polls and either push Mitt Romney closer to 1,144 or give Rick Santorum another fighting chance.  Nothing is certain and we'll break the contests down with the panel.Meanwhile, President Obama is going to take on Paul... read more

Trending NOW

04/03/12 06:36AM

The 1940 Census has become so popular that 22.5 million people accessed its website during its first three hours, causing government servers to crash.Magid CPI: Service planned for 7 college students killed in California shooting spree; Trayvon Martin Case: Florida shooter would surrender if charged--lawyer; Body of missing barista believed... read more

Pres. Obama responds to Paul Ryan’s budget

Pres. Obama responds to Paul Ryan’s budget

04/02/12 08:00PM

Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget has provoked sharp criticisms from the left, including President Obama, who is calling the plan a “Trojan horse.” MSNBC’s Alex Wagner talks with the NOW panel – The New York Times’ Frank Bruni, former Penn. governor Ed Rendell,... watch

Pres. Obama, squandered energy, and the "inside game"

04/02/12 05:46PM

On Monday's show, Alex asked Van Jones, the author, activist and former Obama administration official, why the Obama campaign seemed to squander so much grassroots energy after the election.Jones noted that Obama officials put a lot of early emphasis on the "inside game," and placed a lot of power in the DNC - where the campaign&... read more

Van Jones and rebuilding the dream

04/02/12 11:07AM

Van Jones, former White House special adviser, is joining the panel for the full hour today - ahead of the release of his new book, Rebuild the Dream, which hits shelves tomorrow.Here's an excerpt that Van picked for the blog - which we'll discuss further on the show today. CHEAP PATRIOTS VERSUS DEEP PATRIOTSThe time has come to turn... read more

NOW Today: Ahead of the Badger State

04/02/12 06:59AM

It could be all locked up tomorrow.All eyes are on Wisconsin as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum go down to the wire in the Badger State.  While Romney has the edge, it's close enough to merit a careful eye.  Conventional wisdom says if Santorum doesn't win Wisconsin, Mitt Romney is truly unstoppable and will get to 1,144 delegates on his... read more

Trending NOW

04/02/12 06:49AM

Week 2 for 2 of E.L. James' books on the bestseller list.Magid CPI: More than 1000 rally in Miami to demand action in Trayvon Martin's death; ACM Awards: Taylor Swift named entertainer of the year; Top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud Google: acm awards 2012; autism awareness; the killing Twitter: Steve Jobs, Good Monday, Hate... read more


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