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E.g., 7/23/2014
NOW Today + a BIG Interview

NOW Today + a BIG Interview

11/23/11 06:51AM

It's a busy morning in the newsroom here at NOW.We're breaking down the big moments of last night's debate - prepping for Alex's interview with Grover Norquist, President and Founder of Americans for Tax Reform.That's the interview that leads the show, and our panel will get a turn at asking questions of a man who some say was at the center of the meltdown of the Super Committee.Today's panel includes:> Ezra Klein, The Washington Post/msnbc Policy Analyst (@ezraklein)> Ben Smith, Senior Political Writer, Politico (@benpolitico)> Elise Jordan, National Review (@elise_jordan)> Joy-Ann Reid, Mana read more

Trending NOW

11/23/11 06:45AM

What's trending the day before Thanksgiving? We thought you might ask...Magid CPI: GOP Debate: Jon Huntsman excels in foreign policy debate; Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney clash (48); Penn State Scandal: Child Abuse Reports Spike After Sandusky Arrest (44); J.R. Martinez Wins 'Dancing With the Stars" (40)Google: thanksgiving; j.r. martinez; kyle ortonTwitter: change; Shop Small Nov 26; Happy Birthday MileyYouTube Politics: Raw Video: Obama Interrupted by Hecklers ( We Found Love (feat. read more

Twicker Flicker!

Twicker Flicker!

11/22/11 05:16PM

We want to show you what we're calling our NOW Twicker. It's been part of our show from the beginning - showing tweets from members of the NBC News team, other journalists we follow and some of our guests that are regular tweeters. We try and find the most recent and interesting Tweets, relevant to our conversation at the time. The Twicker replaces the standard news scroll and informational 2-line banners you see regularly elsewhere.What do you think?Today we took it a little further. We decided to live tweet the President today - including tweets from Alex, the NOW team and our on set panel. read more

The Face of the "Near Poor"

11/22/11 02:50PM

A recent New York Times article highlights a concern about a new method of measuring poverty from the U.S. Census — which has statisticians startled as they can now classify 100 million Americans to be “near poor.” That's one in every three of us — either in poverty or just right above it.Here's one part that stuck out to us:Perhaps the most surprising finding is that 28 percent work full-time, year round. “These estimates defy the stereotypes of low-income families,” Ms. read more

Obama Campaigns in NH

11/22/11 07:16AM

He is calling it a jobs speech - but no doubt about it, he's in the very politically relevant state of New Hampshire. Can we expect to hear about Congress and the failed Super Committee? Or even about Mitt Romney - who is welcoming President Obama to the granite state with a new television ad today and an open Dear Barack letter running in the major papers there.The President's speech in Manchester is expected to start at 12:15pm et - and "NOW" will be bringing that to you live. And Alex and the panel will be trying something they've never done before... Tune In. read more

NOW Today

11/22/11 06:58AM

The President will be speaking in Manchester, NH today on the American Jobs Act - so we assembled a group of power players to take a look at both the substance of his message and the political realities of the President in New Hampshire, the latest battleground where Mitt Romney is polling strong and released his first TV ad today: > Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Editor & Publisher, The Nation> Mort Zuckerman, Publisher, New York Daily News and Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News & World Report> Gillian Tett, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times> Meghan McCain, msnbc Contributor  read more

Newt Gingrich's Moral 'Bath'

11/21/11 07:23AM

Today's show is more than just about the Congressional deficit committee's SuperFail. Thanks to Newt Gingrich, we've got lots more to talk about. Gingrich, speaking at the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Iowa over the weekend, tells Occupy Wall Street to take a bath and get a job. read more

NOW Today

11/21/11 07:11AM

Week 2 begins with a power panel:> Adrian Fenty, Fmr. DC Mayor> Meghan McCain, msnbc Contributor> Melissa Harris-Perry, Tulane Professor/msnbc Contributor> Michael Steele, Fmr. RNC Chairman/msnbc Political Analyst> Bullpen: Willie Geist read more

Trending NOW

11/21/11 06:40AM

Here's a look at what's abuzz online this morning.Magid CPI: Debt panel set to fail to cut deficit $1.2 trillion (57); New York police arrest 'lone wolf' bomb plot suspect (55); AMAs: Taylor Swift wins artist of the year (33)Google: cutler; music awards 2011; cranberry sauce recipeTwitter: Hello MONDAY; #fakeevent; Gingrich to OWS: Get A Job And Take A Bath ( We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rihanna; It Will Rain – Bruno Mars; Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO read more