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NOW Today

02/03/12 06:59AM

This morning we'll take a look at the January jobs numbers to see how 2012 started on the road to economic recovery. We'll get the expert insight of Ben White and the insights of Velma Hart, who you might recall from this moment last year.  msnbc's resident Donald Trump expert Jonathan Capehart will walk us through The Donald's big endorsement yesterday.  Jim VandeHei will discuss his latest piece in POLITICO, 'Why Obama should be worried'.  And we'll lean on Alice Stewart for a look at the Nevada caucus this weekend and the contests ahead. read more

Trending NOW

02/03/12 06:49AM

Here's what's Trending NOW as we head toward the Nevada caucus this weekend.Magid CPI: Susan G. read more

Controlled funding

02/02/12 03:55PM

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards telling "NOW" that she and her organization are "shocked and surprised" that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation's withdrew its funds. Money that goes to hundreds of thousands of breast cancer screening exams.Richards says politics is getting thrown in the way of women's health care.Watch our interview and then check out Andrea Mitchell's sit-down with Ambassador Nancy Brinker of the Susan G. Komen Foundation explain the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. read more


02/02/12 02:27PM

Ben Mezrich, author of the book that inspired The Social Network describes Facebook as a "monster" that is going to take over the world. He also says money wasn't Mark Zuckerberg's goal -- he just wanted people to be on his social networking website.Do you agree? Watch and let us know!  read more

NOW Today

02/02/12 06:42AM

So just when things were slowing down a bit...Donald Trump comes to the rescue and promises a "major endorsement" in Nevada, ahead of Saturday's caucus there.  Reports are that Newt Gingrich - coincidentally the only candidate to commit to the Donald Trump debate that never got off the ground - will get Trump's endorsement.The question this morning: Does a candidate who attracts the endorsement of Herman Cain and Donald Trump appeal to the electorate? read more

The plight of the poor

02/01/12 02:07PM

Mitt Romney making a statement that that he is "not concerned about the very poor." And it got our NOWists talking.Was it a bad soundbite or does it bring up a real question about how he views the poor in this country?Do you agree with any members of our panel? Watch and hear what Romney said, and judge for yourself. We played the soundbite in its entirety.  read more

NOW Today

02/01/12 06:53AM

The networks called Florida for Mitt Romney as soon as they could last night, the result of a wide margin by which the reaffirmed frontrunner carried the state. read more

Trending NOW

02/01/12 06:45AM

Welcome to February!Magid CPI: FL Primary: Romney wins, jabs Obama in Fla. speech; Taliban "poised to retake Afghanistan" after NATO pullout; Ex-LA teacher due in court on molestation charges Google: colbert super pac; irs; facebook ipo Twitter: Happy Black History Month; Hi February; RainingYouTube Politics: "Deal" Billboard (Hot 100): Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; We Found Love - Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris; Good Feeling - Flo RidaBillboard (Ringtones): Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO; Red Solo Cup - Toby Keith; It Will Rain - Bruno Mars  read more

Cain on racial overtones: 'There's nothing there'

Cain on racial overtones: 'There's nothing there'

01/31/12 05:20PM

On the set of Now with Alex Wagner on msnbc Tuesday, Herman Cain tangled with author Wes Moore, who questioned Cain on whether comments by Newt Gingrich -- who Cain has endorsed for president -- have been offensive to minorities.Wagner asked Cain to respond to past Gingrich statements -- saying poor people lack work ethic, challenging Fox News commenter Juan Williams personally during a recent GOP debate and later saying work seems to be a "strange, distant concept" to Williams, along with calling Spanish "the language of the ghetto," could be offensive to minorities.She asked if, as a minorit read more

Wag$ Wager

01/31/12 02:06PM

Place your bets! Our NOWists today all betting on Mitt Romney today in Florida... but will he win by enough to close this race? read more

NOW Today

01/31/12 06:52AM

Every block of our show will look a little different today as we fit an all-star lineup around the desk.  Given the primary today, we'll spend a lot of time talking about Florida.  All indications are that Mitt Romney will have a decisive win here. read more

Trending NOW

01/31/12 06:48AM

President Obama's Google+ town hall is the top political YouTube clip this morning, with nearly 73,000 hits. read more

Political Magic-Maker

Political Magic-Maker

01/30/12 11:28AM

Lucas Baiano, a filmmaker who grabbed the spotlight 4 years ago with his "movie" supporting Hillary Clinton for President. His videos are slick, highly-produced pieces of entertainment: music that builds, dizzying-special effects. And he's 23.After his Clinton movie, he was picked up by the Tim Pawlenty campaign, leading Stephen Colbert to say, “Wow! Tim Pawlenty may not be running for president of the United States, but he is clearly running for president of the next 'Transformers' movie.”He didn't do much for Pawlenty in the polls... but he's still a sought after creator. read more

NOW Today

01/30/12 06:56AM

Regardless of which poll you look at this morning, Mitt Romney is up big in Florida, and he's leading in nearly every demographic. Given his margin, it's improbable Newt Gingrich can pull off an upset.  But most political analysts agree that the GOP contest doesn't end in Florida, and will continue through at least Super Tuesday.  Meanwhile, the Obama 2012 campaign awaits it's opponents.  Will the long haul primary seal the President's re-election?  We'll pose those questions and more to the panel.Plus, two great guests: Rep. read more