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NOW Today: A deeper look at the Rominee

04/05/12 06:51AM

This morning on the show...Now that we know who the nominee will be, we'll take a closer look at Romney and make sure there aren't any overlooked details before his coronation.  We'll also look at issue #1, the economy (remember when we talked about how the economy would drive the Republicans to victory?)  Jobs numbers are out... read more

Trending NOW

04/05/12 06:43AM

Some unusual changes in the Billboard trends this morning.Magid CPI: Whitney Houston Coroner's Report: Cocaine Found in Room; 5 Ex-Officers Sentenced in Post-Katrina Shootings; In Obama vs. Supreme Court, Politics Knows No Bounds Google: marlins new stadium; masters; marbury v. madison Twitter: #thismorning; #ArsenalLive; Happy Opening... read more

Santorum trails in home state polls

Santorum trails in home state polls

04/04/12 08:00PM

The Pennsylvania primary is the next GOP presidential battleground, where candidate Rick Santorum is feeling the pressure in not living up to the home-field advantage. The Nation’s Ari Melber, The Onion’s Baratunde Thurston, New York Daily News’ S.E.... watch

The science behind conservative skepticism

The science behind conservative skepticism

04/04/12 08:00PM

Chris Mooney explains the findings from his book, “The Republican Brain: the Science of Why They Deny Science--And Reality,” spurring the debate with the NOW panelists on the source of conservatives’ skepticism of science. watch

Getting out of Gitmo

Getting out of Gitmo

04/04/12 08:00PM

The man who plotted the 9/11 terrorist attacks is expected to face a military trial in Guantanamo Bay, re-launching the conversation on President Obama’s promise to get out of Gitmo. Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU’s National Security Project, joins... watch

Karen Finney's 'flak to flak' chat with Hogan Gidley

04/04/12 05:31PM

msnbc Political Analyst and The Hill columnist Karen Finney leveled with Rick Santorum's campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley "communications flak to communications flak" on Wednesday, for saying his candidate's campaign will continue on in the GOP race even if he loses in his homestate of Pennsylvania.Visit for breaking... read more

Halftime in America?

04/04/12 04:33PM

Halftime seems to have extra shelf life for Rick Santorum. His campaign says it started at least as far back as March 21, before the Louisiana primary. Are we really in for another four months of primary contests, or is the Santorum camp's clock not keeping time?Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy read more

Running on the economy

04/04/12 01:58PM

President Obama yesterday spoke out against the House Republican budget proposed by Paul Ryan. This afternoon, Mitt Romney responded saying Obama “railed against arguments no one is making and criticized policies no one is proposing…. setting up ‘strawmen’ to distract us from his record… I understand he doesn’t want to run on his record, but he... read more

NOW Today: Is he now the "Rominee?"

NOW Today: Is he now the "Rominee?"

04/04/12 07:02AM

It won't take you very long today to find a common theme in the papers and online: It looks like we have a "Rominee."Mitt Romney's decisive wins last night in Maryland, DC, and Wisconsin have largely dismissed questions of another GOP nominee.  Even before he won yesterday, Newt Gingrich started using new language suggesting... read more

Trending NOW

04/04/12 06:50AM

When we took the pictures of Mitt Romney handing out subs yesterday on NOW - little did we know that less than 24 hours later, it would be dubbed "Subgate".Magid CPI: GOP Race: Romney changes focus after sweep; Tornadoes strand thousands at DFW airport; Suspect in California college shooting to be arraignedGoogle: dallas news; levi... read more

Romney ‘self-deports’ former immigration...

Romney ‘self-deports’ former immigration stance

04/03/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney has been pursuing a strong platform on immigration, but now that he has the general presidential election within his sights, is he now attempting to soften his stance? NBC Latino's Victoria DeFrancesco Soto joins to discuss the influence... watch


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