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Romney to release tax plan

Romney to release tax plan

02/21/12 07:00PM

GOP candidate Mitt Romney is expected to outline his tax code plan along the campaign trail on Wednesday, just as President Obama rolled out his own tax... watch

The 'circus road show'

The 'circus road show'

02/21/12 05:38PM

Richard Wolffe is an msnbc Political Analyst and frequent NOWistWhat is today's most damaging number for Mitt Romney as he continues to scratch and scrape for his party's presidential nomination?Is it the 10 point gap between the supposed frontrunner and the insurgent Rick Santorum in the latest national Gallup poll? When you're stuck at 26 per cent, as Romney is, a 10-point deficit looks like a lot of ground to make up just a couple of weeks away from Super Tuesday.Or is it the multiple of two and a half? read more


02/21/12 02:04PM

Barak Goodman, writer and director of the new PBS documentary "Clinton," spoke to us about Bill Clinton's legacy and his leadership in the White House. Interesting to hear how important and consistent Hillary Clinton was during his Presidency. Goodman says she lifted him up during his weakest moments and was a constant savior. read more

Ali in Wonderland

02/21/12 01:55PM

Actress, comedienne, writer and Washington wife, Ali Wentworth, discusses her new book, "Ali in Wonderland," and the contrast  between the political climate in the D.C. she grew up in and the D.C. that exists now.Great anecdotes about Kissinger in a swimming pool and tap dancing (!).After the jump... a classic Ali scene. Anyone remember Schmoopie?   read more

NOW Today

02/21/12 07:19AM

Today on the show we'll talk about the latest controversy surrounding frontrunner Rick Santorum and the new fundraising numbers out this morning.  We've also got some key guests.Comedienne and actress Ali Wentworth will join the show to talk about the DC of today and the one she grew up in.  (Yesterday on the show it was argued that money is at the heart of the problems of discourse in the Capitol).We'll then talk to Barak Goodman, the writer/director of the PBS documentary "Clinton" that aired last night. read more

A different, fractured D.C.

A different, fractured D.C.

02/20/12 07:00PM

Actress and writer Ali Wentworth discusses her new book, "Ali in Wonderland," and the drastic change between the political climate in D.C. she grew up in and... watch

Trending NOW

02/20/12 06:47AM

Happy President's Day (yes, NOW is ON today).Magid CPI: ESPN fires one over Lin incident; Authorities: Wash. avalanche swept 4 experienced skiers far down mountain; Santorum riding high on social division Google: elizabeth smart; presidents day; fat tuesdayTwitter: Happy Presidents Day; Good Monday; #LiesPeopleAlwaysTellYouTube Politics: Santorum: Satan is Systematically Destroying America ( (Hot 100): Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; We Are Young - fun. read more