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02/23/12 06:51AM

Last night about half of the top 10 Twitter trends were related to the GOP debate - this morning many still linger from what could have been the final debate of this primary season.Magid CPI: Jury Recommends 26 Years for UVa Killer; GOP Debate: Romney Claws at Santorum During Debate; Lin, Knicks rout Hawks 99-82, head to MiamiGoogle: bridge to nowhere; republican debate; national enquirerTwitter: #ConfessionNight; Somalia; GOPYouTube Politics: The Ron Paul Action Figure Billboard (Hot 100): Part Of Me - Katy Perry; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; I Will Always Love You - Whitney HoustonBillboard read more

On the fence

02/22/12 08:05PM

Your debate primer: Immigration.It's a topic we haven't heard much about in the last couple of weeks. But not tonight. The remaining 4 GOP contenders are in Arizona, and it's sure to come up in this latest debate.  Rick Santorum spent part of this week playing up his immigrant roots... minutes after meeting with Joe Arpaio, the controversial Sheriff known for targeting and arresting Latinos, he believes are illegals. read more

Budding bromance?

02/22/12 07:53PM

Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Mitt Romney make quite the pairing... we dusted off some old VHS cassettes and found some praise between the two while on the campaign trail. Could this be the making of a beautiful friendship?We asked Ron Paul's National Campaign Chair Jesse Benton if  — despite their many, many differences — Ron Paul supporters would consider going to Mitt Romney if Paul is not the nominee.Or could it all be a ploy to raise the national standing of Rand Paul? read more

Who won the GOP debate?

Who won the GOP debate?

02/22/12 07:00PM

The Daily News’ S.E. Cupp, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, former New York Gov. George Pataki, and New York City Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson join NOW’s... watch

NOW Today

02/22/12 07:27AM

Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average cracked the 13,000 mark, the first time since the financial crisis.  But on the trail, a strange thing happened.  Social issues largely supplanted talk of what the polls say is the number 1 issue: jobs and the economy.  A lot of Republicans say that bringing social issues to the forefront is a mistake, and a distraction.  Tonight, it's up to the debate moderators to balance the topics that will draw lines among the 4 candidates.  New NBC News-Marist poll numbers show that Michigan is deadlocked. read more

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02/22/12 06:56AM

Today's YouTube Politics clip might not seem political - but take and it (sort of) makes sense.Magid CPI: Deaths of journalists in Syria highlight dangers; Police search for motive after 5 killed at Ga. spa; Atomic agency admits failure of latest visit to Iran by inspectors Google: lent; ash wednesday; mardi gras Twitter: Homs; Syria; #AshWednesdayYouTube Politics: Chevrolet Volt Gun Rack Installation Billboard (Hot 100): Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; We Are Young - fun. read more