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Gallons of problems

Gallons of problems

03/11/12 08:00PM

Rising gas prices are hurting Obama’s approval ratings, but will this be the issue that hurts his re-election too? The NOW panel discusses Obama’s response to oil consumption in America, fracking and Keystone XL. watch

The Speaker's take on his Congress

03/09/12 06:09PM

It's not exactly that the comment is all that surprising - it's that it comes from none other than the Speaker of the House himself!Here's what Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, told Peggy Noonan: "We got some of the smartest people in the country who serve here, and some of the dumbest. We got some of the best people you'd ever meet, and some of the raunchiest."In the word's of our intern: "Everyone’s reaction on Boehner’s comments about the members of congress was funny."How could it not be? Ladies and gentlemen, the Intern Moment of the Day! read more

What Just Happened?!

03/09/12 02:13PM

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday, some Presidential campaigns are going obsolete.  Which candidates will successfully upgrade their software, and which will fall by the wayside?  Check out our wrap of the week, as we ask, What Just Happened?!  read more

NOW Today: It's the economy, stupid!

03/09/12 07:01AM

This morning February jobs numbers will be released, and there are different reports as to how good or bad they'll be.  Gene Sperling will join us from the White House to give us the administration's take.  A little later in the show we'll hear the President discuss the economy live from a Virginia Rolls Royce plant. A reminder that Americans believe this is the number one issue - and the White House is playing to that fact. read more

Trending NOW

03/09/12 06:45AM

All of the Twitters this morning - tributes to one Notorious BIG, on the 15th Anniversary of his death.Magid CPI: Kony Video: How the Kony Video Went Viral; Israel asks U.S. for arms that could aid Iran strike; Two dead, including gunman, in shooting at Pittsburgh hospital Google: spanx; toyota recall; solar flares Twitter: #RIPBIG; Good Morning Tweeps; Finally FridayYouTube Politics: Newt Visits an Alabama Gas Station Billboard (Hot 100): We Are Young - fun. read more

Obama administration touts jobs report

Obama administration touts jobs report

03/08/12 07:00PM

Gene Sperling, director of the White House’s National Economic Council, joins Alex Wagner to offer context to the jobs report released on Friday showing that America is inching its way toward economic recovery. watch

GOP candidates remain mum on positive jobs...

GOP candidates remain mum on positive jobs report

03/08/12 07:00PM

The latest jobs report indicates an upward momentum for the U.S. economy, but despite the good news, the Republican presidential candidates are keeping silent in granting the current Oval Office occupant any credit. Salon’s Steve Kornacki, Time... watch

Keystone debate still an issue for Obama

Keystone debate still an issue for Obama

03/08/12 07:00PM

President Obama struck down the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal earlier this year, and lawmakers in Capitol Hill are not letting him live it down. The NOW panel debate whether or not the president mishandled the issue and analyze how he should move forward. watch

Lady Alex Wagner

03/08/12 05:33PM

When we invite Richard Engel and Martin Bashir on the show, we know we're going to have a fun show!You know Alex enjoys the occasional clever introduction to our guests (The Sage of Capitol Hill's Luke Russert, The "Indubitable" Patricia Murphy). But today she got it back from Martin:"Lady Alex Wagner"And we don't even think he knows what a huge "Downton Abbey" fan she is!Our interns take on the exchange: "It was fun and clever, and going off of what is always being said in our meetings ("Downton Abbey"), it was a nice connection. Who doesn’t love Martin and who doesn’t love Downton?”   read more

Post Script: Was That Necessary?

03/08/12 03:28PM

Last night, conservative pundits "revealed" a supposedly incendiary piece of footage gathered by the late Andrew Breitbart.The video features a young Barack Obama during his years at Harvard Law School, and was billed as evidence of quote "why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold as in 2008."In fact, the video has been available for some time: in 2008 it was released by notorious skullduggers PBS -- home of no-goodniks Big Bird and Elmo -- as part of an election year special, and has been available online ever since.Apparently, the promised "racial div read more