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E.g., 11/23/2014

NOW & Later: The Cameo Edition

03/07/12 06:06PM

It was a very impromptu edition of NOW & Later - with just the person you want to run into as you leave the control room. Our boss, msnbc President Phil Griffin, with his thoughts on today's show. read more

Mitt Romney's Worst Nightmare

03/07/12 03:00PM

Forget the math. Forget that Rick Santorum needs 60+% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,144. Rick Santorum and his campaign are still out talking about his chances in November.J. read more

NOW Today: On very little sleep

03/07/12 07:01AM

The NOW team is a little groggy this morning.A few of us were up late with Alex, who was chatting with Kelly Wallace from iVillage during the thick of primary night. The rest of us were glued to the TV as the events of Super Tuesday unfolded. We've yet to meet for our morning editorial meeting at 8:30 a.m., but several storylines are already in the works: who won, what Rick Santorum does next, how much Oxygen Newt Gingrich has left - all that good stuff.This panel, these guests, and perhaps a few more will join at noon ET. read more

Trending NOW

03/07/12 06:44AM

Wait - talk of 2016 after the supposedly decisive night of #2012?!Magid CPI: Super Tuesday: Romney Stacks Delegates and Squeaks by in Ohio; Obama Scolds GOP Critics of Iran Policy; Dennis Kucinich could lose Congress seat after Ohio defeat Google: super tuesday; rush limbaugh; g8 summit Twitter: Super Tuesday; Happy Hump Day; iPad HDYouTube Politics: Palin on 2016: "Anything Is Possible" Billboard (Hot 100): Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; We Are Young - fun. read more

On Rush, speaking from personal experience

On Rush, speaking from personal experience

03/06/12 07:20PM

By Velma HartI am outraged and amazed at the same time!Clearly the Republican right does not get it and their “ring leader” Rush Limbaugh just confirmed it...again. In case you've been under a rock and didn't hear: on his radio show, Mr. Limbaugh took his usual attack position and targeted an innocent person. What was amazing to me was that he decided to take this position against someone who was doing what he does every day…express a personal opinion. I know his attacks firsthand, as I too have been victim. After all, I was going to be in foreclosure!But I digress. read more