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Class warfare

02/27/12 02:11PM

Rick Santorum calls President Obama a "snob" for wanting all students to attend college.  President Obama never suggested all students need to attend Harvard like he did. He reiterated this today at the White House:The jobs of the future are increasingly going to those with more than a high school degree and I have to make a point here.  When I speak about higher education we're not just talking about a four year degree. read more

NOW Today

02/27/12 07:10AM

In 24 hours voters in Michigan and Arizona will head to the polls for the start of arguably the most important day in the 2012 presidential nominating contest.  While Arizona appears to be safe territory for Mitt Romney, his fate is much less certain in his native Michigan, and that could amplify the blow of defeat there by challenger Rick Santorum.  Conventional wisdom suggests that if Santorum wins Michigan, he still has to contend with Newt Gingrich, who is expected to perform well in southern states on Super Tuesday. read more

Trending NOW

02/27/12 06:52AM

By the look of today's trends, you'd hardly know that tomorrow's elections in Arizona and Michigan could very well determine the 2012 GOP nominee. read more

New war over higher education

New war over higher education

02/26/12 07:00PM

Rick Santorum calls President Obama a ‘snob’ for wanting all students to attend college. Alice Stewart, Santorum’s press secretary, joins the NOW panel to... watch

NOW Today

02/24/12 06:54AM

Today on the show: We'll take a look at the competing policy proposals of Pres. Obama and his would-be Republican contenders.  We'll look at the women of 2012 (who are they and who is calling the shots).  Gov. Jack Markell (D-DE) will join us literally straight after meeting with the President and other governors assembled in Washington for a meeting of the National Governors Association.  And during the show, Mitt Romney will try to fill Ford Field in Detroit to unveil his economic plan.  Only problem: He did that Tuesday. read more

Trending NOW

02/24/12 06:49AM

In a testament to the power of online trends - yesterday's YouTube Politics clip is getting a lot of attention today on TV (it's a Romney campaign ad that was recycling from his last bid for President). Is it efficient cost management, or an attempt to get one past the voters? Or both?Magid CPI: Syria: 'Friends of Syria' ready ultimatum for Assad; GOP Race: Santorum maintains slight lead in new Mich. read more

Did anyone win?

02/23/12 03:56PM

Did anyone win last night's GOP debate? We asked former candidates, would-be candidates and journalists this question -- and the resounding answer was "no". Nobody won and nobody came out looking better. In what may have been the last primary debate of the season, the cliffhanger last episode left us feeling very unsatisfied.  Do we even want to see if there will be a next season?  read more

NOW Today

02/23/12 06:57AM

Sometimes the analysis after a debate is a little premature, other times it's spot on and lives to define the event.  This morning, about 9 hours after the GOP debate, there's a general consensus that Rick Santorum didn't deliver the knockout punches that would guarantee his fate in Michigan - meaning we're likely to see a nail-biter there next week, one that will define the remainder of the GOP race.It's a power panel today on the show - judge for yourself and tune in at noon ET: PANELS.E. Cupp, NY Daily News Columnist (@secupp)Fmr. Gov. George Pataki (R-NY)Fmr. Gov. read more