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Lady Alex Wagner

03/08/12 05:33PM

When we invite Richard Engel and Martin Bashir on the show, we know we're going to have a fun show!You know Alex enjoys the occasional clever introduction to our guests (The Sage of Capitol Hill's Luke Russert, The "Indubitable" Patricia Murphy). But today she got it back from Martin:"Lady Alex Wagner"And we don't even think he knows what a huge "Downton Abbey" fan she is!Our interns take on the exchange: "It was fun and clever, and going off of what is always being said in our meetings ("Downton Abbey"), it was a nice connection. Who doesn’t love Martin and who doesn’t love Downton?”   read more

Post Script: Was That Necessary?

03/08/12 03:28PM

Last night, conservative pundits "revealed" a supposedly incendiary piece of footage gathered by the late Andrew Breitbart.The video features a young Barack Obama during his years at Harvard Law School, and was billed as evidence of quote "why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold as in 2008."In fact, the video has been available for some time: in 2008 it was released by notorious skullduggers PBS -- home of no-goodniks Big Bird and Elmo -- as part of an election year special, and has been available online ever since.Apparently, the promised "racial div read more

NOW Today

03/08/12 06:48AM

So who is the nominee? This morning, we're going to take a look at what an Obama v. Romney contest would look like, assuming that contest plays out.  Then, we'll ask Jose Diaz-Balart to explain what's going on with the Latino vote.  This incredibly influential bloc is credited with making several elections, and right now they are nowhere to be seen on the Republican front.  We'll talk about the story that won't go away (contraception), and shed a little light on Syria. Will American go to war, or will it let atrocities continue?PANELAri Melber, The Nation/msnbc Contributor (@arimelber)S.E. read more

Trending NOW

03/08/12 06:43AM

Happy International Women's Day!Magid CPI: Monster solar storm makes its way to Earth; Apple dials down the marketing magic; Rush Limbaugh: More than 40 Advertisers Flee, Host Says 'Everything's Cool' Google: solar storm; new ipad; peyton manning Twitter: Happy International Women's Day; #solarstorm; Peyton ManningYouTube Politics: Mitt Romney's Campaign Song Billboard (Hot 100): Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; We Are Young - fun. read more

NOW & Later: The Cameo Edition

03/07/12 06:06PM

It was a very impromptu edition of NOW & Later - with just the person you want to run into as you leave the control room. Our boss, msnbc President Phil Griffin, with his thoughts on today's show. read more

Mitt Romney's Worst Nightmare

03/07/12 03:00PM

Forget the math. Forget that Rick Santorum needs 60+% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,144. Rick Santorum and his campaign are still out talking about his chances in November.J. read more