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03/30/12 06:48AM

If anyone reading this blog wins the Mega Millions - please know you have a seat waiting for you at the NOW desk.Magid CPI: Trayvon Martin: New video raises doubts about Trayvon Martin shooter's story; $540M lottery has states anticipating tax jackpot; On the Run, Bin Laden Had 4 Children and 5 Houses, a Wife Says Google: mega millions; obamacare; paul ryan Twitter: #IfIWonTheLottoIWould; Finally Friday; London YouTube Politics: Callista on Newt Billboard (Hot 100): We Are Young - fun. read more

Wisconsin for the win?

Wisconsin for the win?

03/29/12 08:00PM

After receiving a string of lackluster endorsements from prominent Republicans, presidential candidate Mitt Romney is inching ahead in polls in Wisconsin -... watch

Could the health care law fail over an 'oversight'?

03/29/12 02:29PM

In a candid moment on "NOW" earlier today, former White House advisor for health policy Dr. Zeke Emanuel said that he believes that severability in the Affordable Care Act was left out as an "oversight," and not intentionally.Emanuel was asked the question directly after an exchange concerning the fate of the health care law, following Tuesday's contentious Supreme Court arguments over the health care mandate. Emanuel took a moment of pause before saying, "that, I believe, was an oversight, not an intention."Watch the clip of the exchange below: read more

NOW Today: Another debate?

03/29/12 07:20AM

So, the Supreme Court has wrapped up oral arguments in the case against the Affordable Care Act.  If the Court strikes down the mandate, at the very least the law would be very different - or, it could be tossed entirely.  We'll talk to Dr. Zeke Emanuel, the former White House Advisor for Health Policy - about the issues and the politics of it all.Plus - the pressure is mounting on Rick Santorum, as both George H.W. Bush and Marco Rubio's endorsements head to the ever more inevitable Mitt Romney. read more

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03/29/12 06:57AM

Have you heard the news? Anchorman 2 is happening - Ron Burgundy announced it last night on "Conan"Magid CPI: Police video shows George Zimmerman shortly after Trayvon Martin shooting; Will the Supreme Court let parts of health care law stand?; JetBlue Pilot charged over meltdown Google: marco rubio; obamacare; mega millions numbers Twitter: Tokyo Dome; Ron Burgundy; Rise & GrindYouTube Politics: DNC Ad: "Sworn American Enemy" Billboard (Hot 100): We Are Young - fun. read more