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NOW & Later

02/29/12 06:29PM

NOW & Later | Feb. 29, 2012 from Alex Wagner on Vimeo.There's always just so much to say.Unfortunately, we need to take commercial breaks.And so the "NOW & Later" was born.  We're starting to ask our panelists to stick around after the show for a casual chat over things they meant to mention, bones they have to pick - something totally unscripted that gives you a feel for what it's like when we get off the air.Keep coming to the blog to see this Web Only material - and send your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and on the Blog as we make our "Now & Later" segments a regular part of NOW.Later. read more

Steady eddie

02/29/12 03:55PM

Rick Santorum's campaign director, Hogan Gidley, calling out the media that we're too preoccupied with his candidate's social comments. They aren't bombs he's dropping, but we're just focused on tearing him down.So we asked him to talk to us about the economy. Will it resonate? read more

Hobbling to a victory?

02/29/12 03:27PM

Mitt Romney may have won two primaries last night, but he's not winning much love. He's not even a little bit close to reaching the delegate total... and the praise is faint at best. Can we expect him to hobble across the finish line?Meh. read more

NOW Today

02/29/12 07:06AM

Mitt Romney pulls it off - putting a pretty tight lid on talks of a brokered convention and a last-minute entry into the GOP field.  Indeed, he's a lot closer to the nomination today, but it's unclear how long until he can unequivocally claim to be the GOP's man against President Obama.  In the next few days, expect Newt Gingrich to get back into the headlines and give Romney a run for his money.  Rick Santorum, meanwhile, is a wildcard whose role on Super Tuesday is hard to tell.  But he's not going anywhere and still a force to be reckoned with. read more

Trending NOW

02/29/12 06:47AM

Happy Leap Day! Magid CPI: Romney wins crucial Michigan primary, Arizona; Ohio School Shooter Chose Victims 'Randomly'; Apple expected to unveil iPad 3 on March 7 Google: michigan primary results; olympia snowe; leap year Twitter: Happy Leap Day; Tornado Warning; #Its2012WhyYouStillYouTube Politics: Kid Rock, "Born Free" : Romney Rally, Royal Oak, Michigan Billboard (Hot 100): Part Of Me - Katy Perry; Set Fire To The Rain - Adele; I Will Always Love You - Whitney HoustonBillboard (Ringtones): Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO; Rolling In The Deep - Adele; Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clar read more

Swimming upstream as a black, gay conservative

02/28/12 04:28PM

Robert Traynham is a frequent NOWist and an msnbc ContributorJust wrapped up a really good conversation with today’s NOW with Alex panel – Karen Finney, Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Steve Kornacki.  As always, the conversation was smart, funny and at times heated – but all in a good way.  The way conversations should be when you’re speaking with adults about serious topics.  One of those topics was about me being a gay conservative and how I could defend a party that wants an America from the 1950s as opposed to today.To be clear, I can’t defend some of the issues that some within the Party hold read more

Blue-collar appeal

02/28/12 02:14PM

President Obama addressed a crowd of 1,700 fired-up United Autoworkers Union members this morning. They were fired-up and so was he.  The President talked a lot about the country's "fighting spirit" to a cheering audience.It's a group of voters everyone is courting. With contests today in Arizona and Michigan - we asked our panel which candidate will appeal to blue-collar Americans.  read more

Post script: standing up against gun violence

02/28/12 01:57PM

Growing up in Washington, D.C., the threat of gun violence at my high school was enough of a concern that there was routine debate over whether or not to install metal detectors.The shootings were usually related to drugs or gangs -- things you theoretically could insulate yourself from, but they were no less terrifying.The guns turned on students in Columbine and Blacksburg and yesterday in Chardon, were aimed by shooters with no target other than to kill and create chaos.  As such, there was no way -- theoretically or otherwise -- they could have insulated themselves. read more