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What Just Happened?!

05/25/12 01:37PM

Congratulations Seniors! What job hunting lessons can graduates learn from those seeking the highest office in the land?  It's time to look back and ask, What Just Happened?! read more

NOW Today: Governor Mitt Romney

NOW Today: Governor Mitt Romney

05/25/12 06:51AM

When was the last time you heard Mitt Romney was a successful businessman? Probably pretty recently.When was the last time you heard Mitt Romney was governor of a big state? Probably not so recently.Today, we're going to take a look at an issue we've been batting around the table here at NOW for a few weeks - why the Romney camp seems... read more

Trending NOW

05/25/12 06:42AM

The YouTube Politics video of the day - an interesting advertising approach, to say the least.Magid CPI: Etan Patz: Neighbor confesses to missing boy's murder, 33 years later; Facebook market makers' losses total at least $100 million; Soldier Guilty in Fort Hood Bomb Plot Google: times picayune; etan patz; miami heatTwitter: Etan Patz... read more

Did the White House cross the line in running its victory lap?

Did the White House cross the line in running its victory lap?

05/24/12 09:17PM

New documents released by the conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, seem to suggest that in the weeks following the Osama bin Laden raid, the White House offered classified information to filmmakers Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal, who are working on a movie about the mission. read more

Obama addresses renewable energy

Obama addresses renewable energy

05/24/12 08:00PM

President Obama on Thursday pushed for clean energy tax credits, but will he take a strong stance on renewable energy as gas prices begin to rise? The NOW w/ Alex Wagner panelists discuss how the president is addressing gas and energy. watch

Romney’s mixed record as Massachusetts...

Romney’s mixed record as Massachusetts governor

05/24/12 08:00PM

The New York Times’ Frank Bruni, commentator Alicia Menendez, Salon writer Steve Kornacki, and BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith are joined by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin as they outline Mitt Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor. watch

Romney reflects on campaign gaffes

Romney reflects on campaign gaffes

05/24/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney sat down with The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan and reflected on his past mistakes on the campaign trail. Can Romney overcome his foot-in-mouth moments? The NOW w/ Alex Wagner panelists discuss. watch

Million dollar middle class

05/24/12 03:57PM

In our segment today on Europe's ballooning fiscal crisis and the impact it could have on the recovering U.S. economy, we didn't get to talk about a proposal that doesn't appear to be winning over many fans: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's call for Congress to permanently extend the middle income tax cuts. And by... read more

NOW Today: Mitt's Mom & Dad

05/24/12 06:51AM

Earlier this week we talked with Benjamin Wallace-Wells about his reporting on Mitt Romney's relationship with his father, George Romney. Among other things, Ben told us that the lessons of George Romney's 1968 presidential bid were not lost on his son, and that much of the behavior that Mitt exhibits on the trail can be traced to his... read more


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