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Does the dismal jobs report mean bad news...

Does the dismal jobs report mean bad news for Obama?

05/31/12 08:00PM

With the monthly jobs report showing that only 69,000 jobs were created in May while the unemployment rate actually went up, the public’s perception of how President Obama has handled the economy may not be in his campaign's favor. Radio host Kurt... watch

Jurors give inside look on Edwards trial

Jurors give inside look on Edwards trial

05/31/12 08:00PM

NBC’s News legal correspondent Savannah Guthrie joins NOW w/ Alex Wagner on the recent developments in John Edwards' campaign finance trial where a jury found him not guilty on one count, but were hung on the five remaining charges. Jurors have since... watch

NOW Today: Joe Biden and Alex Trebek walk into a room...

NOW Today: Joe Biden and Alex Trebek walk into a room...

05/31/12 07:07AM

What about Joe?This morning, TIME's Michael Scherer has a great piece in the magazine looking at the Obama campaign's not-so-secret weapon. It's particularly remarkable because veep picks are often chosen for a state they can carry for the ticket. Delaware, of course, isn't exactly the biggest political prize. Biden is all... read more

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05/31/12 06:57AM

Beware - that "zombie apocalypse" story is intense.Magid CPI: Gunman kills 5 people and himself in Seattle rampage; Search under way for porn actor suspected of mailing body parts; 50 advance in National Spelling Bee Google: seattle shooting; nba mock draft; zombie apocalypseTwitter: #iUseTwitterBecause; #iHateFacebookBecause;... read more

"Birthers" vs. "Speciers"

05/30/12 06:39PM

On both sides of the political spectrum, there is bewilderment about why Mitt Romney chose to appear on stage with Donald Trump, who has been beating the drum for those who don't believe the President was born in America. It doesn't appear that the so-called "birthers" are going away, but you'll be hard pressed to find a... read more

Planned Parenthood takes aim at Romney

05/30/12 04:08PM

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is out with a $1.2 million ad buy targeting Mitt Romney--a move that attempts to bolster the Obama campaign's claim that the Rominee would be bad for women. The 30-second spot will run in Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C. It comes at a crucial time for Democrats. According to Politico, the... read more

NOW Today: The Romney birth certificate

NOW Today: The Romney birth certificate

05/30/12 06:53AM

Guess we should have seen this coming.The Romney birth certificate is out this morning - conveniently published in a Reuters report the day that Mitt Romney was raising cash with "I don't consider myself birther or not birther" Donald Trump in Las Vegas.The Romney campaign says they got the request this weekend and sent the... read more

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05/30/12 06:41AM

Happy to report that NOW had on this morning's two top-viewed political videos on yesterday's show. read more

Romney’s nomination Trumped by ‘birther’...

Romney’s nomination Trumped by ‘birther’ chatter

05/29/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney officially claimed the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, but much of the reaction to his win is instead centering on Donald Trump’s “birther” talks. New York Magazine’s John Heilemann, former RNC chair Michael Steele, The Hill’s... watch

Tea Party challenger forces runoff in...

Tea Party challenger forces runoff in Texas Senate race

05/29/12 08:00PM

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison joins NOW w/ Alex Wagner to discuss the primary battle over her place in Congress after she announced her retirement earlier this year. With no candidate outright winning the primary on Tuesday, the frontrunner, Texas Lt... watch

Italian news outlet stirs Jeb Bush...

Italian news outlet stirs Jeb Bush veepstake speculation

05/29/12 08:00PM

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was the target of veepstake speculation this week after an Italian news website quoted Bush saying he would consider the job under Mitt Romney. Bush’s spokesman has since told NOW w/ Alex Wagner that the offer is not on the... watch


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