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04/17/12 06:51AM

Tax Day has finally arrived.  Luckily, Mitt Romney filed an extension.Magid CPI: Taxes: Senate fails to advance Buffett rule; 11 Secret Service agents lose clearances; Trayvon Martin: Zimmerman's lawyer confident judge will leave case Google: boston marathon; pulitzer prize winners; gsa Twitter: #spottheshuttle; Tax Day; Good MorningggYouTube Politics: Tell Mitt Romney: Kittens Are Cute. 1% Fat Cats? Not So Much.Billboard (Hot 100): We Are Young - fun. read more

Congratulations, David Wood!

04/16/12 04:11PM

NOWist David Wood now has another title we're proud to share.That would be PULITZER PRIZE WINNER David Wood!Congratulations David on this incredible accomplishment. read more

NOW & Later: Who was whose intern?

04/16/12 03:19PM

It was a first for NOW.Green room rumors of one panelist playing intern to another panelist in another life.The rumor didn't take long to confirm - but the fallout from the truth continued into the aftershow.  read more

NOW Today: What happens in Colombia does NOT stay in Colombia

04/16/12 06:55AM

Perhaps aided by it's stereotypes, Colombia became the site of some colorful news this weekend - starting with a Secret Service scandal one leading expert has called the "greatest" in the history of the force, and culminating with photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton drinking beer and dancing after the final meeting of the Summit of the Americas.While the latter is harmless, the former has drawn the ire of the President - though he's cautioned that a full investigation must take place.  As for the substance of the President's visit to Colombia, it was significant. read more

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04/16/12 06:44AM

The Fifty Shades crusade continues on the Bestseller List.Magid CPI: Obama Calls For 'Thorough' and 'Rigorous' Investigation of Secret Service Scandal; Norway: Breivik pleads not guilty but admits killing 77; Afghan Gov't: Militant Blames Haqqanis for Attacks Google: jackie robinson; tax deadline; tornadoes Twitter: Ann Romney; Norway; #HolographicTupacYouTube Politics: Mitt Romney at the NRA versus RealityBillboard (Hot 100): We Are Young - fun. read more