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Obama, Romney take campaign shows on the road

Obama, Romney take campaign shows on the road

06/11/12 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel discuss the latest updates in the 2012 horse race, from President Obama’s fundraisers to Mitt Romney’s bus tour. The NOW panel also talks about both candidates’ recent gaffes and walkbacks. watch

Swing State Edge?

Swing State Edge?

06/11/12 04:14PM

Today on the show, we talked about a new report from the Center for American Progress showing that the proportion of minorities is growing in swing states, and is expected to average a 2% increase from 2008. Meanwhile, the share of white working class voters is expected to shrink by 3% from 2008.After looking at the 2008 results, this could... read more

Jumping to conclusions?

Jumping to conclusions?

06/11/12 03:02PM

 Today on "NOW" our panel discussed how both sides of the political arena can be prone to jumping to conclusions, without necessarily knowing all the facts.This seems especially true in the Twitterverse.Karl Rove's super PAC, American Crossroads, tweeted this morning about a series of traffic accidents involving Commerce Secretary... read more

NOW Today: The fine line of 'doing fine'

06/11/12 06:57AM

We knew this was coming.The Romney campaign is out with a new ad this morning using President Obama's remark that "the private sector is doing fine" as a prime example that he's out of touch with the middle class. It was an unfortunate soundbite, part of the President's attempt at his impromptu Friday news conference to... read more

Will shifting demographics help or hurt...

Will shifting demographics help or hurt Obama?

06/10/12 08:00PM

A new poll shows shifting demographics of voters in swing states since 2008. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel discuss what these changing numbers mean, and whether or not President Obama can still come out on top in battleground states come November. watch

Intel leaks stirs questions over political...

Intel leaks stirs questions over political motives

06/10/12 08:00PM

Investigation is pending over the national security leaks, but have Republicans already begun using it for political gain? MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel talk about the intel leaks and the White House’s pursuit of prosecuting those who’ve leaked... watch

Obama, Romney throw jabs over private,...

Obama, Romney throw jabs over private, public sectors

06/10/12 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel discuss President Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s competing attacks on one another about gaffes made last week concerning Obama’s comments on the private sector and Romney’s comments about public sector jobs. watch


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