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E.g., 12/21/2014

New states, new voters

05/21/12 03:28PM

Team Obama is doing its best to turn Arizona, which the President lost by 8% in 2008, into a battleground state in 2012. One of the keys to doing that may be the campaign's ability to leverage Arizona's 2010 immigration law, S.B. 1070, and use it to galvanize Latino voters. read more

Cory Booker criticizes Obama campaign...

Cory Booker criticizes Obama campaign strategy

05/20/12 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel – the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, author Wes Moore,’s Joan Walsh, and the New Yorker’s Kelefa Sanneh – discuss Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s candid comments about the Obama campaign’s attack on... watch

Dharun Ravi sentenced to 30 days in jail

Dharun Ravi sentenced to 30 days in jail

05/20/12 08:00PM

Rutger’s student Dharun Ravi has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for bias intimidation in the death of his former roommate, Tyler Clementi. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel discuss Ravi’s sentence and the culture of bullying in America. watch

What Just Happened?!

05/18/12 02:38PM

No one, single ingredient wins a Presidential election for a candidate, it takes a well-measured cocktail. This week we looked at who's getting to closer to the right recipe, as we asked What Just Happened?!  read more

NOW Today: Day 2 of the big story nobody saw coming

05/18/12 07:20AM

The Day 2 story is out - again, written by the New York Times, on that explosive allegation that a GOP super PAC was planning to invoke controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright in an attack ad campaign against President Obama. This morning the people implicated in the story are denouncing the Times report, suggesting a very different narrative. read more

Trending NOW

05/18/12 07:13AM

Wouldn't be surprised if Facebook trends a lot more as the day progresses.Magid CPI: Trayvon Martin: Evidence mixed for Zimmerman's self-defense claim; 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer dies, aged 63; Facebook IPO set to raise up to $18B Google: donna summer dead; facebook stock; jeremiah wright Twitter: #ireallywant; Happy Haitian Flag Day; Last Day Of SchoolYouTube Politics: Stephanie Cutter: Get the facts on Karl Rove's BSBillboard (Hot 100): Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye Featuring Kimbra; Payphone - Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa; We Are Young - fun. read more

Romney plays victim of ‘character...

Romney plays victim of ‘character assassination’

05/17/12 08:00PM

Mitt Romney spun his response to the Super PAC proposal to use Rev. Jeremiah Wright in attacks against President Obama, saying he too is a victim of a “character assassination.” The Hill columnist Karen Finney joins to discuss Romney’s response. watch

Can 'he who must not be named' help Romney?

Can 'he who must not be named' help Romney?

05/17/12 08:00PM

Former President George W. Bush is slowly reentering the political arena, but will he be in Mitt Romney's corner for campaigning rounds? The NOW w/ Alex Wagner panelists discuss how Romney has been reluctant to even refer to Bush by name during... watch

World leaders convene in US for G8, NATO...

World leaders convene in US for G8, NATO summits

05/17/12 08:00PM

James Rubin, former assistant secretary of state and spokesman for the State Department during the Clinton Administration, joins NOW w/ Alex Wagner to discuss the G8 summit being held at Camp David, and the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago. watch