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Is Petraeus getting off too easy?

Is David Petraeus getting off too easy?

04/24/15 04:31PM

On Friday’s edition of “NOW You’re Talkin’,” the panel discusses former CIA director David Petraeus’ sentencing, the possibility that cameras may soon be permitted in the Supreme Court, and how Jeb Bush has been looking pretty svelte lately. watch

Collateral damage of US drone strikes

Collateral damage of US drone strikes

04/24/15 04:02PM

Michael Steele, Naureen Shah, Glenn Thrush, and Peter Baker discuss President Obama's promise to review the deaths of two hostages during a drone strike in Pakistan, and how politicians have addressed U.S. drone policy. watch

FBI admits to flawed testimony for decades

FBI admits to flawed testimony for decades

04/20/15 04:32PM

For more than two decades nearly every FBI investigator in an elite forensic unit routinely gave flawed testimony, according to a new investigation. Chris Fabricant of The Innocence Project and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., join to discuss. watch

Is Clinton overcorrecting her political...

Is Clinton overcorrecting her political image?

04/20/15 03:59PM

Hillary Clinton spoke out on a forthcoming book which alleges that donors to the Clinton Foundation received favorable treatment from the State Department. Hillary for America Spokesperson Karen Finney, The Huffington Post's Sam Stein and former Obama adv watch


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