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Can Boehner stop a government shutdown?

Can Boehner stop a government shutdown?

12/02/14 03:59PM

The nation’s borders and its budget are the center of the latest battle within the GOP. NBC’s Luke Russert, Mother Jones’ David Corn and Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar join to discuss. watch

Shining a light on food insecurity

12/01/14 03:50PM

Hunger is a silent epidemic affecting a growing number of children in the United States. Last year nearly 16 million American children lived in households that struggled to put food on the table. NOW with Alex Wagner traveled to Owsley County, Kentucky – one of the poorest counties in America – to see first-hand how families are working to... read more

CO ‘pot barons’ making a mint – legally

Marijuana merchants making a mint - legally

11/26/14 04:53PM

Tripp Keber joins to discuss the wild world of ‘pot barons:’ Savvy entrepreneurs who are turning the new legal marijuana industry in Colorado into a gold mine. The new series ‘Pot Barons of Colorado’ premieres on Sunday, November 30th at 10pm EST on MSNBC watch

Ferguson grand jury decision expected soon

Ferguson grand jury decision expected soon

11/21/14 04:44PM

A grand jury in suburban St. Louis is in session for what could be the final stages to determine whether or not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the August death of Michael Brown. Trymaine Lee and Jonathan Capehart join to discuss. watch

Who Obama’s immigration plan will affect

Who Obama’s immigration plan will affect

11/21/14 04:32PM

In announcing more details regarding his executive action on immigration just moments ago, the president faced some criticism from the audience regarding just who will be protected from deportation. John Stanton and Javier Palomarez join to discuss. watch


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