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E.g., 10/30/2014
E.g., 10/30/2014
John Karpee, 24, lies in an observation room at a government clinic on Aug. 24, 2014 in Dolo Town, Liberia.

Ebola Outbreak: How You Can Help

09/25/14 03:53PM

At the United Nations Thursday, President Obama called on the international community to do more to stop the growing threat of Ebola.  “This is more than a health crisis,” the President warned, “This is a growing threat to regional and global security. read more

US reports more new airstrikes in Syria

US reports more new airstrikes in Syria

09/24/14 04:45PM

NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski joins to report breaking news that additional U.S. airstrikes have taken place against ISIS in Syria on Wednesday. Michael Leiter and Brian Katulis also join to provide commentary on these reports. watch

Holder: US has tracked Khorasan for years
09/24/14 04:19PM

MSNBC counter-terrorism expert Michael Leiter and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Ca., join Alex Wagner to discuss the increasing threat from Khorasan, a terror group which - although lacking the name recognition of ISIS and Al-Qaeda - has been tracked by the U.S. fo watch

Scott Brown: Secure the border... against...

Scott Brown: Secure the border... against ISIS

09/23/14 04:50PM

New ads from the National Republican Congressional Committee and Scott Brown both suggest that Obama needs to secure the U.S.-Mexico border to protect Americans from ISIS. Brian Beutler and David Corn discuss the new fear-mongering campaign. watch

Support for airstrikes show 'aligned...

Support for airstrikes show 'aligned incentive'

09/23/14 04:15PM

President Obama has received bipartisan support in Congress for his controversial move to launch airstrikes in Syria. But is the overall support just a chance for Congress to blame Obama if airstrikes fail? Ezra Klein and John Stanton discuss. watch

Sounding the alarm on climate change

Sounding the alarm on climate change

09/22/14 04:49PM

David de Rothschild, founder of Sculpt the Future Foundation, joins Alex Wagner to discuss the newest push for climate change and the newest supporter of climate change, and an unlikely one at that. watch

The NFL commissioner breaks his silence

The NFL commissioner breaks his silence

09/19/14 04:57PM

Amid numerous scandals plaguing the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will be implementing a set of personal conduct policies. Alex Wagner discusses the situation with Time’s Sean Gregory and author Leslie Morgan Steiner. watch

Why Kansas is so critical

Why Kansas is so critical

09/19/14 04:51PM

The Kansas Supreme Court schooled the state’s Republican attorney general, and the decision could help Democrats keep control of the Senate. Alex Wagner looks at the stakes of the Kansas Senate race with KSHB reporter Garrett Haake. watch