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What Just Happened?!

02/17/12 01:47PM

Democrats, Republicans, candidates and incumbents -- who's Lin it to win it?  We look back at the week and ask, What Just Happened?!  read more

Santorum's headache

02/17/12 01:40PM

How one comment on msnbc yesterday has turned into today's front page story. We're probably guessing that Rick Santorum wishes Foster Friess would put an asprin between his lips and keep quiet!Santorum's biggest finacial backer, Friess, told Andrea Mitchell that “back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraception. The... read more

NOW Today

02/17/12 07:00AM

There's no escaping it - the 2012 race has all eyes on Rick Santorum, and with that comes increasing scrutiny.  He put out 4 years of tax returns to little fanfare, and his trailblazing hasn't produced any major gaffes.  Instead, operatives against the Santorum campaign are digging through Santorum's past, trying to paint the... read more

Trending NOW

02/17/12 06:50AM

It's a three-day weekend (well, not for the staff here at NOW - we'll be on Monday - but I digress), and that's one of the standout trends this AM.Magid CPI: NY Times correspondent Anthony Shadid, 43, dies of apparent asthma attack; US Agent Killed After Shooting Colleague; Apple Unleashes Mountain Lion, Syncing Mac, iPad &amp... read more

NOW Today

02/16/12 06:55AM

Late last night lawmakers working to extend a deal on jobless benefits and a payroll tax cut said they had reached a deal. Details are hard to come by this morning, but the agreement extends for 10 months and will be paid for by new revenues and cuts to one of the Obama health care programs. Our team on Capitol Hill is chasing more information,... read more

Trending NOW

02/16/12 06:47AM

Lin-sanity continues here in New York City - and around the country?Magid CPI: Knicks Win 7 Straight Games with Lin; GOP Race: Santorum to give speech in Romney's old backyard; Congressional negotiators reach deal on $150 billion economic planGoogle: hounduras prison fire; lightsquared; ash tuesday Twitter: Justin is Perfection; ... read more

Into the wild

Into the wild

02/15/12 02:36PM

Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, Presidential candidate and apparently -- animal enthusiast -- held a Facebook townhall at a California zoo. We asked our panel what an event at a zoo tells us about the state of his campaign. And at the same time, we dusted-off some photos of Newt Gingrich and some of his more furry supporters.   read more

NOW Today

02/15/12 06:56AM

The fight for Michigan begins in earnest.Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are out with new ads and big spending dollars there as poll after poll points to a new frontrunner. While the contest in Michigan and other states plays out (a new Quinnipiac poll has Santorum leading in Ohio, too), President Obama begins a three-day tour starting in... read more

Trending NOW

02/15/12 06:49AM

An added nugget this morning: Whitney Houston has re-entered the Top 10 on Billboard 200.Magid CPI: Jeremy Lin inspires New York Knicks to last-gasp win; Iran, Europeans discuss sanctions; Whitney Houston death probe turns to drugs found in hotel roomGoogle: kate upton; best in show; new york knicksTwitter: Happy Hump Day; #whydopeoplethink; ... read more

NOW Today

02/14/12 07:08AM

New polls out this morning confirm that Rick Santorum is the new GOP frontrunner - and he's giving Mitt Romney a run for his money in his home state of Michigan.  It's an amazing change in fortune, but will it last?  If the past is any indication, the Romney Super PAC will begin an aggressive spending campaign to undercut Santorum'... read more

"If he says so..."

02/13/12 02:00PM

Mitt Romney telling his Republican colleagues at CPAC that he is a conservative. How did he make sure they were listening? He told them so twenty-six times. Twenty-six. Really. We counted.So we asked former RNC Chairman Michael Steele if Romney is actually a conservative. His answer?"If you say it enough times, somebody's going to... read more

NOW Today

02/13/12 06:57AM

The President's 2013 budget it out this morning, and it's certain to lead to confrontation between the Democrats and Republicans over the same old issues - payroll taxes, revenues, medicare spending - as well as some new ones.  We'll take a look and ask whether the tough issues are really being addressed in the proposal.  Plus -... read more

Trending NOW

02/13/12 06:49AM

As our friend Mike Allen noted in this morning's POLITICO Playbook, 18 of Google's 20 Hot Searches are related to the Grammy Awards.Magid CPI: Grammy Awards: Adele wins 6 Grammys, including album of the year; Whitney Houston death may be mystery for weeks; Violence offers glimpse of Greece's reform challenge Google: jennifer... read more