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Is it really about the economy?

Is it really about the economy?

06/10/12 08:00PM

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel debate whether or not Mitt Romney is truly out-of-touch with the Republican base, or if it’s President Obama who is out-of-touch following his comments on the private sector. watch

Will shifting demographics help or hurt...

Will shifting demographics help or hurt Obama?

06/10/12 08:00PM

A new poll shows shifting demographics of voters in swing states since 2008. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel discuss what these changing numbers mean, and whether or not President Obama can still come out on top in battleground states come November. watch

Intel leaks stirs questions over political...

Intel leaks stirs questions over political motives

06/10/12 08:00PM

Investigation is pending over the national security leaks, but have Republicans already begun using it for political gain? MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and the NOW panel talk about the intel leaks and the White House’s pursuit of prosecuting those who’ve leaked... watch

What Just Happened?!

06/08/12 02:08PM

"Game of Thrones" wrapped up its second season last Sunday, but in politics, the battle for the throne continued. We took a look back at who finished the week wearing the crown. Check out What Just Happened?! read more

NOW Today: When Europe sneezes...

06/08/12 07:08AM

This morning the Spanish government is denying reports that its banks will soon be seeking a bailout. It's a late-breaking and developing story in the long saga that is the Eurozone crisis. And this week, the fallout from trouble overseas entered the Presidential election, with both candidates expressing different takes on the impact that... read more

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06/08/12 06:47AM

Quite a bit of Google interest in the NBA this morning - after quite a match-up last night.Magid CPI: West Coast prepares for Japan tsunami debris; Bernanke To Congress: Spend More Money; Panetta: US patience with Pakistan 'reaching limits' Google: celtics; lebron james; miami heatTwitter: Bob Welch; Englishness; App CenterYouTube: ... read more

Eurozone lessons on austerity

Eurozone lessons on austerity

06/07/12 08:00PM

President Obama during a press conference on Friday addressed the economic crisis in the Eurozone, saying too much austerity too quickly leads toward a downward spiral of debt. Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Josh Green, journalist Catherine Crier, Princeton... watch

NOW Today: Obama's big money

06/07/12 07:09AM

New numbers out this morning from President Obama's re-election campaign.The campaign announced that it raised over $60 million last month, with more than 572,000 people donated to the campaign, 147,000 of which were giving for the first time. read more


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