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Is Scott Walker the chosen one of the Kochs?

Is Scott Walker the chosen one of the Kochs?

04/21/15 04:30PM

From 2016 Republicans vying for the Koch Brothers’ support, to criticism of Maureen Dowd’s Hillary Clinton column, to Bill Clinton’s pink sneakers, Alex Wagner and the NOW guests take up the big talker headlines. watch

Breaking down the reality of campaigning

Breaking down the reality of modern-day campaigning

04/20/15 04:46PM

Has gyrocopter pilot Doug Hughes restarted the conversation about money in politics? Josh Barro, Julia Turner and Chris Cillizza talk modern-day campaigning, Marco Rubio's comments on gay marriage and the latest person to be taken into custody after tryin watch

FBI admits to flawed testimony for decades

FBI admits to flawed testimony for decades

04/20/15 04:32PM

For more than two decades nearly every FBI investigator in an elite forensic unit routinely gave flawed testimony, according to a new investigation. Chris Fabricant of The Innocence Project and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., join to discuss. watch

Is Clinton overcorrecting her political...

Is Clinton overcorrecting her political image?

04/20/15 03:59PM

Hillary Clinton spoke out on a forthcoming book which alleges that donors to the Clinton Foundation received favorable treatment from the State Department. Hillary for America Spokesperson Karen Finney, The Huffington Post's Sam Stein and former Obama adviser David Axelrod join to discuss. watch

Jeb Bush plays down policy differences...

Jeb Bush plays down policy differences with his brother

04/17/15 03:59PM

msnbc's Political Correspondent Kasie Hunt and Bloomberg's Dave Weigel report on Jeb Bush's trip to New Hampshire, where he's urged the Senate to confirm Loretta Lynch and answered many questions. Plus, Al Cardenas talks about Jeb Bush's approach to... watch

GOP 2016 field rushes to New Hampshire

GOP 2016 field rushes to New Hampshire

04/16/15 05:59PM

As almost all of the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls descend on New Hampshire, Chris Christie is flashing extraordinary confidence, saying the Jeb Bush “train has slowed down,” and Mike Huckabee aired a sensational ad about ISIS. watch


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