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SCOTUS sits divided over same-sex marriage

The same-sex marriage questions SCOTUS is considering

04/28/15 04:26PM

It was a historic day at the Supreme Court where the 9 justices appear deeply divided over the issue of same-sex marriage. Alex Wagner looks at what’s at stake with Dan Savage from the It Gets Better Project and Chad Griffin from the Human Rights Campaign watch

Baltimore cleans up after night of riots

Baltimore cleans up after night of riots

04/28/15 03:59PM

A day after protests spiraled into chaos, there are troops on the streets of Baltimore as the city cleans up. Alex Wagner talks with Joy Reid, Gabe Gutierrez, Neill Franklin, Kenji Scott, and other members of the community. watch

Multiple officers injured in Baltimore...

Multiple officers injured in Baltimore clashes

04/27/15 04:30PM

Civilians and police officers are clashing in Baltimore, Maryland following the funeral of Freddie Gray. Baltimore police spokesperson Capt. Eric Kowalczyk speaks to the press about recent developments. watch

Is Petraeus getting off too easy?

Is David Petraeus getting off too easy?

04/24/15 04:31PM

On Friday’s edition of “NOW You’re Talkin’,” the panel discusses former CIA director David Petraeus’ sentencing, the possibility that cameras may soon be permitted in the Supreme Court, and how Jeb Bush has been looking pretty svelte lately. watch

Collateral damage of US drone strikes

Collateral damage of US drone strikes

04/24/15 04:02PM

Michael Steele, Naureen Shah, Glenn Thrush, and Peter Baker discuss President Obama's promise to review the deaths of two hostages during a drone strike in Pakistan, and how politicians have addressed U.S. drone policy. watch

When the worlds of music and politics collide

When the worlds of music and politics collide

04/23/15 04:48PM

New York Times music critic Jon Caramanica joins to talk about Marco Rubio's professed love for hip-hop's golden era and how the policies of some politicians can be at odds with those of the artists they listen to. watch

Hillary Clinton faces high-stakes scrutiny

Hillary Clinton faces high-stakes scrutiny

04/23/15 04:14PM

Bloomberg Businessweek's Josh Green and The New York Times' Jeremy Peters discuss the intense public scrutiny on Hillary Clinton when it comes to Benghazi, her email use and Clinton Foundation donors. watch

'Poor door' building attracts 88,000...

'Poor door' building attracts 88,000 applicants

04/22/15 04:32PM

Ben Affleck responds to the controversy after he tried to hide his ancestor's slave-owning past. A New York City building with a separate "poor door" has received 88,000 applicants. And a judge is weighing John Hinckley's bid for freedom. watch

Is climate change a 'litmus test' for 2016...

Is climate change a 'litmus test' for 2016 candidates?

04/22/15 03:59PM

President Obama spent his Earth Day at the Florida everglades, where he urged politicians to act on climate change. But will 2016 candidates, like Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush, take on the issue of climate change as Americans face its impact? watch


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