Where’s the beef?


Team Romney’s chief strategist Stuart Stevens told Politico their campaign is changing course to make this a “status quo versus change” election. The move is significant, in so far as their campaign has been focused on the President’s policies and the economy, rather than detailing Governor Romney’s prescriptions. Senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said on a campaign conference call today that Romney and his running mate will now be talking about more specifics (check the clip below). Gillespie said, “what we have found is that people want to hear a little more of that, not just to say that we have a plan to do it, but here’s what’s in that plan.” So, apparently, the campaign is just realizing that people don’t vote on blind trust, but actually want to know what a candidate will do.

Lately, the campaign has been criticized roundly – and notably – by more than a few prominent conservatives for being too vague, and this move may be a reaction to that. If the campaign is serious about this strategy shift, it means the candidate will have to start filling in the blanks, especially on tax reform and deficit reduction plans.

When it comes to specifics, will their candidate walk the walk and finally answer the question, “Where’s the beef?” Check out what today’s panel thinks about the Romney campaign’s latest tactical move in the video below: 

Where's the beef?